December 28, 2010

Empty Out The Fridge, Honey

Last night, hubby packed for 2 hours, I packed for 1.
Tonight, he packed for 2 more, I packed for 1 more.
Tomorrow? Oh how I hope we are comfortably done!

workout: 4.5 miles treadmill - 50 minutes

Never thought I'd find myself saying this: but I actually have missed the treadmill! Although I still blame it for my knee injury last summer, I'm very happy to say that I can hop on that bad boy almost-confidently and I'm lasting a little longer each time. Hooray for something other than the elliptical!

oats w/wheat germ, flax seed, chia seeds, banana, almond butter, frozen blueberries

2 herbed monkey rolls, tofu stir fry, fruits, veg, homemade granola bar

homemade bread toooasted with pinto beans mashed, topped with raw zucchini, and a side of amazingly cooked asparagus + garbanzos (with a dash o' salt n peppah)

Please try this some day, the textures are unbelievably delightful.

Then I proceeded to empty out our fridge. What was inside it? green onion, tofu, pinto beans + spinach. So what did I do? Food processor mania!

Mixed with rolled oats to hold 'em together, seasoned with paprika, chili powder + red pepper flakes. Wrapped and ready to live in the freezer for convenient on-the-go lunches (and dinners)!

Oh goodness. It's been a whole year since my hubby has been with his entire family, since we've seen my lovely in-laws and loving cousins and uncles and aunts and grandmaaa, since we've indulged in mami's amazing home-cooked Mexican dishes, since we've been in that lovely country that changed my life some 7 years ago. Shoot son, it's almost Mexico time!

Countdown to heaven,
I mean MEXICO: 1 day!


  1. You are so creative with making veggie burgers! And I'm impressed you were able to use up everything in the fridge before your trip!! Have a safe one and enjoy!

  2. So excited about your trip to Mexico!
    Have FUN, girl!