December 12, 2010

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like...


Today was: church, baby time, hair cut, molletes, gift exchange, lights of Christmas, and 2 hours in the kitchen riight before bed time. It was a jolly good day, my friends!

Green BEAST!

red kale, spinach, frozen strawberries, banana, rice milk
flaxseed, handful raisins + almonds + cocoa powder + vanilla
wheat germ + chia seeds + grapes + mo' almonds on top

beauty in a bowl.


for post-church/baby time + hair cut, otherwise I would've starved before...


a mini whole-grain baguette (hollowed out, yo!) with home cooked pinto beans, mashed, and a fantastic made-in-tha-kitchen guacamole: avocado, lime juice, sweet + green onion, tomato, serrano chili and heaven.

drove me crazy happy.


Oh family, I love you dearly. Edu and I went home with: What About Bob? dvd + some "soothing + tranquility" scents + a soy candle + a flower that "grows indoors!" so, now I have something to take care of, since we gots no babies running around the home.

Lights Of Christmas!

It's a tradition. It never changes. I never lose my breath over how aw-mazing it is. But I love it, and wouldn't skip it even if I wanted to. Love me some lights + drizzling rain in mid December! It's Christmas tiiiime for sure!


then I cooked, and cooked, and diced, and wrapped, and washed fruits, and ate fruits, and made sandwiches, and stir-fried, and baked squash, and ate dessert while standing...

fruitsy joy and rolled oats with the good boys.

Adios + God bless :)

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  1. I love guac, but it never turns out good when I try to make it myself :( I don't know what I do wrong!

    Red Kale?? What is that?! I'm a Kale fan, but have never tried a red variety!