December 15, 2010

Loving Edamame Reunion

Let's be honest: I chose sleeping over blogging last night. And it felt uncomfortable 'cause my perfectionist side said, "yo man, where's your daily post? what kind of person skips a day?" and my better side said, "shoot, it's all gonna be okay, go to sleep and chill out, take a breather young laddy." Let's see what really went down the past 2 days...

tues: 5km elliptical in 30 minutos!

I may have woken up a tad late, and had to push as hard as I could at level 9 on the silly elliptical machine in order to break a nice ol' sweat. And I'll tell you, I was demolished afterwards. It was joyous :) Then I ate a boat load of carbs!!

steel cut oats, rice milk, cinnamon, raisins, almonds
chia seeds, homemade granola, almond butter, banana, blueberries

tofu stir-fry, crunchy veggie mustard sammie,
frozen granola bar, fruits n vegetablez

pinto bean garbanzo soup with rice shell noodles!
3 corn tortillas browned to perfection

that soup was insanely good and so worth a few burnt taste buds. I saw on TV that taste buds take 7-10 days to grow back. Man! We're a lot like plants in some ways. I like it.

rolled oats, cinnamon, rice milk
mixed fruits up in the red bowl.

wednesday: rest day! sleep in for-evah!
Actually, I planned on waking up a little early to get some arm weights in, since my Tuesday workout was so short. But laziness took hold of me, and I slept in 'till 7am like a baby (without arm muscles).

rice milk steel cut oats, once again :)

with extra chia seeds pa-lease!!

the classic work-time munchies

beet orange peanut salad, lefteover soup with extra bell pepper (vitamin C!) and breads

t'was a beautiful arrangement consumed in 30 minutes.

sushi + edamame HEAVEN!

edamame browned in sesame oil with liquid aminos :)

Last time I had edamame I didn't like it much (the frozen little bag of green guys, not the delightful salted in-shell fellas from the sushi restaurants) buuuut I think it was lack of seasoning, 'cause these little buddies taste amazingly and I was so happy I got loads of protein from something so tasty! I am now officially in love with frozen edamame. Send me bags of it in the mail, if you wish!

tomorrow's dinner: butternut squash, kale, asparagus, tomato, quinoa delight

friday's dinner: spaghetti-o with spinach, onion, tofu, tomatooesss

hubby's thursday eats: more tofu quinoa stir-fry, 'cause he likes it more than candy.

dessert t'was a mug of fruit + muesli

Happy almost weekend! Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.

Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders;
make the most of every opportunity.

Let your conversation be always full
of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you
may know how to answer everyone.

Colossians 4:5-6


  1. seriously love all your munchies! clearly i am a munching LOVER.. i love all the different snacks you pack!

  2. Beet, orange and peanut salad? Where do you come up with these combos! lol

  3. Ahh homemade sushi again! I need to get on that!

  4. I wish my Mom would let me try making sushi at home... With brown rice!
    I bet it tastes amazing :D