December 20, 2010

Yellow Bell Peppers

Are funny tasting.

Today I ate a raw yellow bell pepper, by itself, for the first time. And I won't lie, I had a hard time doing so. I, unlike many of my peers, love green bell peppers dearly and haven't gone out of my way to try his other colorful friends. Why? Mainly because I can buy 3 green bell peppers for the price of 1 red bell, and I cook with bell peppers so much that its expensive-o friends just don't make much sense to me. So how did I get a hold of half a yellow pepper today? A friend a work, who wanted to share a little Vitamin C!

Workout: 4.5 miles elliptical - 40:49
+ 10 minutos abs

Iron, Vitamins, Zinc:

steel cut oats, wheat germ, blueberries, banana, pom arils.

proof that I really eat oats, not just a bunch of pretty fruit in a bowl!

snacks: banana, carrots, celery, kiwi, orange, cucumber, homemade granola bar

Greens + Veggie Oat Patties:

2 veggie oat babes, spinach, celery, avocado, tomato, a few carrots.

yellow pepper madness.

First Bite: unexpectedly sweet, I was caught off-guard
Second bite: Knew that was coming, but it wasn't any easier
Third Bite: I officially am not enjoying this
Fourth Bite: Must... eat.. vitamins... get... healthier... upper... respiratory... system...
Fifth Bite: Start sharing with mom
Sixth Bite: 100% forcing myself to bring bell pepper to mouth.

maybe it'll taste better... next time?


Lemon Tofu Garbanzo Stir Fry! [101cookbooks recipe!]
& baby slices of homemade bread.

Tomorrow's Dinner:

tofu stir fry with quinoa, of course.

Lunch & Dinner:

I love the internet & the unlimited supply of delightful recipes it holds.
[Recipe From: Fat Free Vegan]

so... excited... for tomorrow.

leftover bean filling, ready for homemade chips to be dipped into it.


my new classic: rice milk frozen over frozed blueberries
rolled oats and cinnamon
half a banana
a whole lotta mixin'

Night time!

But God demonstrates His own love for us in this:

While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8


  1. Totes with you on the bell peppers! Out of season, green is so much cheaper. And I don't think they taste bad, just different than red and yellow.

  2. Why are other colored peppers sooo expensive?! I'm with you, I always go for the green ones, because they're so much cheaper! Madness!

    Red are my FAVORITE though!