January 15, 2011

10K Run + A Late Christmas

Happy Saturday! This was truly one of the best starts to a Saturday that I have had in muuchhoo time: arise at 7:50am, put on extra thick socks to protect my feets from cold, grab a really eye-grabbing book "Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner" written by Dean Karnazes himself, and dive deep into the pages of his first pain-filled yet absolutely beautiful 100 mile race.


I am inspired and awe-struck at this man's endurance. I thought of him many times this morning at the lake as tired legs tried to greet me during my 6 mile run, and I also wondered, "how could I ever double this distance?" I will often repeat that same question in these upcoming months leading up to my first half marathon in June. I'm so ready, but are my legs? My will-power? Am I strong enough to finish? Will I be able to break 2 hours? Is this part of God's plan for me? We'll soon see :)

After reading through a good half of that rad book, my hubby got out of bed and we got ready for a morning run. We ate bananas and goods, and did some abs + push ups for a quick upper/mid body warm up. Edu drove away with me as passenger, and I continued to read about 100 mile endurance runs 'till we parked in Seattle.

Leg warm ups, set our watches and GO! I felt a little tight when I started, but was able to pick up my average pace throughout the run as my legs (and knees) felt more comfortable. Edu and I run in opposite directions 'round the 3 mile loop that circles the lake, so we get to exchange a smile + a high five each time we find ourselves face to face, and I love it!

Just seeing that speedy love bug run so happily makes me want to push harder, go faster, and keeps me motivated when I'm feeling tired. Adore that man! And oh man... we're very, very big fans of simple, filling post-workout snacks (ie: 2 homemade granola bars that did defrost before we consumed them, almond butter + stawberry jam sammies and bananas).

After a good hour and a half, we were both done + had finished our stretching + a good cool down that included: skipping, high knees, but kicks, and tip-toe walking. Bring it on, extras that come with half marathon training and hopes of making new PRs in 2011! We then tackled Costco for a few goods, then home and some lovely scrambles took place on our 2:00pm breakfast plates.

10 beautiful kilometers later...

Our favorite running spot!

Costco land

Hubby ate eggs, and I crumbled up some extra firm tofu with paprika, salt, and chopped onion bits. Then add: green bell pepper, serrano chili and chopped spinach and you got yourselves a very nice green breakfast on a Saturday afternoon. Tomato, avocado and 3 corn tortillas were combined for scrambled tofu tacos, my faaavorite!

eggs to left, tofu ..."to the right here I am"

My sister and her hubby were in New York for Christmas, visiting her in-laws and their beautiful family, so we celebrated Christmas today with presents and Swedish meatballs, glorious! So let's just say I didn't need any Vitamin B12 supplements this evening :) The food was all delicious, and it was lovely being all together as if the holidays were still with us and we didn't have a care in the world! Freedom from busy schedules and to-do lists, we simply sat and chatted, enjoyed pictures from New York, and ate spoonfuls of baked sugary treats. Love it.

Then a quick drive to Seattle took place, hoping to purchase some tickets to Picasso's art exhibit at the Art Museum before it runs away Monday night, but we quickly found out they were sold out for the evening and we would have to return tomorrow morning to see the masterpieces. So we'll see what happens, I miss me some Picasso inspiration!!

Now movie time + sleep... Or maybe a few more chapters on Dean Karnaze's 2nd 100 mile run through Death Valley, which rumor has it causes runner's shoes to stick to the ground 'cause the temperatures reach well into the 100* mark and beyooond! Honestly, pure insanity.


  1. so glad i found your site!! i found it through ktbwood.wordpress. I loved what your wrote in her comments section about your devotion :) Love finding other followers on the "bloggy" world.

    xo-Amy :)

  2. Yumm!!! I've never tried scrambled tofu but I think I'd like it!