January 17, 2011

Break a 25 Minute 5K

Good morning Monday! My Monday started off pretty swell-like, I'm not going to lie. The alarm sounded at 4:50 and although I was very pleased to sleep an extra 10 minutes, I did jump up at 5 ready to get my gym clothes on and start my "break a 25 minute 5K"
training: day 1.

The race, usually falling somewhere near Valentine's Day, was my first ever 5K some 2 years ago. I had only been running for 4 days prior, and I had only one goal: run, jog, but do not walk this baby 'till you cross that finish line! And, after feeling like 3 miles turned into 10, and my fingers had turned well pass purple, I made it!! Official time: 35 minutes.

I've run a few 5Ks since (7 to be exact) and an 8K, but I have yet to break 25 minutes during a 3.1 mile race, and I'm determined! Today's run was calm, since I'm still testing my slightly sensitive right knee with the pounding of a treadmill's band. I started with a quick leg warm up: butt kicks, high knees, straight leg kicks and 10 push ups. I set aside the latest Runner's World magazine with The Ultramarathon Man book, a small towel and my phone. Then, with the press of a button, the band began to move under my feet.

I started off on level 5 and held it for 1 mile: zero pain. Then bumped up the speed to 5.5 'till the 5K mark: 3.1 miles, also pain free, thank you Lord! I then, hesitently, moved the speed up to level 6 ~ a level I used to love and hold near and dear to me before the knee acted up this last summer... Oh 6.3, you and I had such a strong bond! Anywho, I finished at 4.35 miles - 47:31, with more energy in me to go further but coach (hubby) had that distance set in stone, so I proceeded to a cool down: stretch, 6 minute ab workout, push ups and a quick walk home.

Breakfast was fantastic: steel cut oats in rice milk and cinnamon, with a zillion delicious toppings.

Work was joyous and quick, and all morning I daydreamed of sushi, snacks...

And boat loads of edamame sauteed in liquid aminos and sesame seeds.

I'm trying something new: eating bigger meals for breakfast and lunch, and leaving dinner as a fairly light dish so I can pair it with a sweet tooth's dream: a nightly dessert sweetened with fruit. Thus the reason I brought sushi + extra carbs to work today (homemade granola bar + half almond butter n' raisins sammie) to fill up the tank.

Once home, I made a mini-meal full of veggies and bean protein,

homemade pinto bean/oat/spinach patty, with greens + asparagus, which was nicely heated up 'till golden brown, right next to the huge asparagus.

t'was delicious and surprisingly filling. My heart was content. Then I grabbed my new favorite read: Eat, Drink, and be Vegan! "Gimme Chimmis" was on the menu for Edu's dinner tomorrow and my Wednesday's lunch

(I already have Tuesday's lunch for me: leftover sushi insides wrapped tightly in rice paper with a vegan spicy almond butter sauce for dipping!).

The chimmis were super simple to make, and the toasted little bean/tofu-filled corn tortillas look amazing! Hubby already grabbed 2, and actually like them which is huge, 'cause I used his beans, his tortillas, and his salsa which sometimes throws him off (example: my attempt to tortilla/bean lasagna and 15 minute enchiladas) since he's so used to his food "staples" being served a certain way. But shoot son, he loved the little tacos!

After cooking, and tasting a few beans that had falled out (deliicious beyond words!) I sat down to a few minutes of Dr. Oz, learned about "miracle beauty secrets around the world" and hubby and I got some Jesus time with His Word, 2 Thessalonians and prayer.

Then dessert came 'round, finally!! I layered a bowl with: 1/4 cup rolled oats, cinnamon, amaranth, sunflower seeds, raisins, almonds, rice milk, frozen blueberries, fresh blackberries and a dash of muesli.

It was an absolute delight, I savored every bite, and it was the best bowl of carbs I have had all day.

Today was such a blessing. I love life and all the ups and downs that are thrown into it. God is teaching me so much about trusting in Him completely and leaving everything in His hands: my family, my friends, job, goals and future. There is no reason to worry about anything anymore: God's plan is set in stone and He knows what He is doing and why! Trust. It's key. Our Creator is Wondrous is every way imaginable and His love for us will never cease, fail, change, or cease. It's eternal!

Beloved, let us love one another,
for love is from God, and whoever
loves has been born of God and knows God.

1 John 4:7

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