January 1, 2011

Day Three: Mexico Makes Me Smile

Honestly, I would drop everything right now and live here forever!

If only, if only.

A park near in-laws casa where hubby ran 8K in 9,842 feet above the sea (crazy high altitude!) and my papa and I jogged for 37 minutes, without dying! It's a miracle 'cause last year I felt like my chest was caving inwards after about 10 minutes of running at a moderate pace. Oh jogging, you're a gem.

New Years was a blast: puerco enchilado (spicy pork that melts in your mouth) with spaghetti (sour cream + ham bits) and savory pastries de rajas (sweet like bread, chili + potato, 2nd layer of buttery bread atop + baked) with holiday punch (a million fruits + sugar canes in a huge pot of h2o, heated, consumed) and we danced salsa and we hit a pinata and we gave eachother hugs and we fell asleep at 4am.

love you Mexico.


  1. HEY LOVE!!!
    OH my goodness gracious I have SO missed you! I am SO jealous you are in MEXICO right now! I bet the weather is AWESOME! so cool that your in laws live there!! Your meal sounds incredible as well. I hope God is blessing your life tremendously girl. You deserve a new year filled with SO much joy!!!! Love you!

  2. Looks like everything is going amazing!! Crazy that you fell asleep at 4am though!! We were in bed as soon as the ball dropped! lol Obviously we are an old married couple haha

  3. Wow that looks like such a cool place!!! Congrats on the jog! Doesn't it feel good to see that kind of progress??