January 28, 2011

Game Night and Good Eats

Curry, Pesto and Lasagna

Those may have been the highlights of my day. At least, they were the highlights of my taste buds' day. It was my first successfully delicious curry, my second fascinating encounter with pesto, and a third (or fourth) chicken + veggie lasagna packed with diced tomatoes. Delightful tasting. This morning I woke up at the usual 5:00 hour + got ready for a date with the treadmill.

breakfast green monster with all the toppings

A Story About a Torn Contact Lens:
It started off like any other morning, until I placed my 2nd contact lens into my left eye. I felt immediate pain and irritation as it touched, I then remembered maybe seeing the lens folded in half before I brought it to my eye. I quickly scrambled my finger around trying to pull it out, but my eye lid had already blinked far too many times, 'causing tears to build up and redness to appear. The lens was no where to be found. I was wasting precious before-work-exercise time. This was not good.

desired consistency: very much acquired.

After almost giving up (10 minutes later) a piece of the contact lens appeared out of the corner of my eye near the tear duct and slipped its way right out, just like my tears did. I was hopeful in thinking it was the whole lens, but it was just half. My eyeball had ripped the dang thing into two. I tried finding the other half, but with no luck I simply got my stuff together and headed to the gym, with a spare lens in hand just in case the missing half (in my eye) decided to fall out while I was running. No chance, man.

packed lunch + snacks (in other words: eat entire fridge in one day)

I got to the gym, all half-blind. And decided it was enough. I was way pass feeling "bothered" by the non-sense ripping and scratching its way all over the inside of my eyelid, and stood in front of the mirror, that covers the entire gym wall, to get some business done. I pried and picked, scratched and poked and... Failed. I grabbed my phone, googled "how to remove broken lens from eye" and did as I was told. It was now 5:40, a whole 20 minutes past my normal routine.

dinner packed in Tupperware since I'd go straight from work to Game NIIIGHT!

I then saw the ripped half of the lens, tried grabbing it, failed, tried tried again, and won. I was over-joyed, but I really just looked a little tired of life in general. My eye was pink and watery, my time had been robbed from me, but I could finally see (after putting in my cleeean lens that was in one, perfect piece) and I was happy.

a tower of nutrients and vitamins. and too much fiber :)

I jumped on the treadmill (after a quick warm-up) and did the following...

Mile 1: 6
Mile 2: 6.5
Mile 3: 7
Last 1/2: 7.5

5K - 29:21
(Hitting 3 miles at 27:47,
which made me feel like Superwoman!)

knee pain freeee! Wonderful blessing, I'm so thankful for a happy knee that lets me run at fun rapid speeds on what used to be evil-treadmills!! I then tackled 10 minutes pure abs and 2 sets of 12 push ups with a stretch in between since my arms are week babies.

Work time was super busy but I learned new things: insurance, billing, handling 800 phone calls + nurse calls at one time, etc. Love that place, man!

I ate pesto spaghetti next to garbanzo zucchini curry, which looked silly but tasted like miracle work in my mouth.

Then... Game Night!

we had snacks for munching, crunching and dipping.

I ate half of that plate...

...plus half the plate of rosemary bread (oh the memories of eating my own baguette of french bread in one afternoon!)

we made snakes out of paper:

picked out funny characters:

had to do goofy things:

and made scary masks:

played patty-cake:

hung out with doggies named Allie:

and it was: beautiful!

I had a rad-zolla evening, and now I will give my body some good ol' fashion rest 'cause it's asking me to. And I'm super excited for this weekend to continue because I just received an email that my church will be holding another art gallery and is asking the artists to get to painting for a March deadline! Hello free time filled with sketchbooks, pencils, paints, and God's word. So stoked!

Be kind and compassionate to one another,
forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32

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  1. Game nights are always the funnest :)
    And OMG for that lasagna. Would you send me the leftovers? Because, Jeeeesus Christ. Love me some homemade lasagna ;)