January 11, 2011

A Jet Lagged Return

Hello little blog that I seemed to have abandoned! I have good reason, I promise. You see, after an amazing Friday night in Mexico with cousins, aunts, uncles, aunt-in-laws, neighbors, grandpa-in-laws, tamales, and the Mexican version of Family Fued, I was broken. We said our last goodbyes and drove back home.

We slept like rocks, arose, packed, mami made chicken enchiladas en salsa verde and a family friend made us arroz con leche + walnuts. We chatted at the dining room table for a good hour, were once again needing to say our goodbyes to family, and I broke again.

Why leave your favorite place in the world? Why go back to the reality of full time jobs and the "same-old" USA culture? Why can't we live here forever and all eternity? Why? I had to remind myself that God's plans are so much bigger than our own, and I found comfort in His promise of something beautiful.

Eduardo, Pablo (brother in law), papa and myself hopped into the car and after I took pictures/video of every building I saw, so that I would never forget, as if I waa taking little bits of Mexico City with me, we soon found ourselves in the airport, forced to once again say goodbye and cry even more.

We were supposed to fly Mexico -> Denver, Colorado -> Seattle,

but immigration confused Edu with another Mr. Carrillo and kept him in questioning a good 30 mins (which unfortunately we did not have to give, or flight would shortly be flying to Seattle without us) and after they apologized, we re-checked in our bags and sprinted to our airplane... But it was too late. Goodbye airplane, goodbye Seattle.

We were told to run to Costumer Service. The lady at the front desk made me feel like the couple in last place on Amazing Race, "the first flight to Seattle is tomorrow morning at 8:00am..." And I'm pretty sure at this time I broke, again. I (we) were exhausted, missed our parents (both of them) and really just wanted to be home, somewhere. The customer service gal then mentioned a flight to San Fran that could then bring us to Seattle. We took it. We had to run, once again.

San Fran's plan was still there, people were still boarding, I was still crying. PS: we hadn't eaten anything all day since the 10:00am chicken enchiladas and arroz con leche. It was now 10:00pm. We were robots, only moving, no sense of feeling. The flight consisted of journaling, praying, sleeping. Edu said behind me. I sat between to calm strangers. The Big Bang was on TV. I drank small pints of water with ice.

Once in San Fran, we decided to eat. I ordered Spinach Salad, minus bacon and feta.

The red onion was delicious but sat with me all night, all morning, and what felt like all day Sunday. Edu ate turkey sandwich with coleslaw, he didn't mention any funky flavors or scents hanging out in mouth his too long. Quite the lucky fellow.

Home, finally, after one last plane ride with partial sleep, mainly silence, little to no turbulence. Thank You Lord! Got our bags which had been waiting hours for us in Seattle. Saw my parents, jumped for joy, felt nauseus from the red onion scent coming out of my cheeks - but oh we were so happy indeed!

Apartment. Brush teeth. Sleep. Wake 10am, unpack, shower, eat cinnamon muesli, get dressed, buy 8million groceries, home, wash veggies, make spinach salad, eat, make pizza, clean while pizza cooks, eat pizza, watch Se7en!

Cook beans, steel cut oats, quinoa and rice. Sleep even though pressure cooker is still screetching 'cause beans aren't quite done. Still sleep. Angelic hubby transfers cooked beans to tupper, washes, and then awakes 2 hours later to put now-cooled cooked food in fridge.

Monday 5:00am Treadmill: 50 mins 7K, work, home, eat and cook 'till 8:30pm, sleep at 9:00pm even though I wanted to watch last week's Biggest Loser. Exhausted. Partially lifeless.

Tuesday 5:00am elliptical: 45 minutes, ab workout, work, home, eat tofu, cook, cook, finally get on the computer to blog :) still pretty exhausted, dreaming of rich sleep.

Coming Soon!! Mexico eats + Mexican workouts post!


  1. Wow sorry you had such a looong trip home! Glad you're back to blogging. :)

  2. Wow - how crazy, Nicole!
    I guess you guys really went though rough times during your way back home. Well, at least... You're both now safe and sound :)
    Delicious eats and amazing pics, as always!
    Can't wait to hear/read more about Mexico... I bet you guys had a BLAST!