January 27, 2011

Pesto Delights

Pesto. Pesto. Pesto. Basil, olive oil, garlic, walnuts
(lime juice, salt, pepper).
Food processor.

It's so simple! I cannot believe I hadn't tasted this beautiful creation before yesterday. I felt like I was taking a bite of 100% heaven on earth (on toast).

The garlic took over my mouth, the basil was creamy and extremely flavorful. It was utter perfection, tasted like the world's top chef had just made it and served it in the most expensive restaurant you could ever find.

So my only question is: can I have it for breakfast?

This morning was nice. I met up with my friend the elliptical. I did some 12 push ups before + after the workout, plus a quick warm up + cool down pre/post elliptical. I set the resistance to level 8 and tried to maintain speed between 70 - 80 with a grand finale of speed 90 for the last few minutes (as I desperately tried to break 50 minutes, once again)

official time: 8K - 50:03

Breakfast was delightful, although almond butter wasn't present since we ran out yesterday. So I decided, after taking a bite of this guy...

...that some major chocolate was needed, as well as a little more amazing texture. I give you: walnuts and cocoa powder, unsweetened at that.

It was a magical bowl of chocolate. I wanted more, and more, and even more.

Lunch and snacks were packed in their little tupperwares and plastic wrap.

Zucchini + garbanzo curry with sweet potatoes and brown rice was overly enjoyed during lunch today. ED&BV is such an amazing recipe book! I never want to put it down!

Once I got home, I was in the mood for a good ol' green monster. I grabbed some kiwi from the freezer that had been living in their a few months or so and threw them into the blender (without thinking of how anything citrus-y would taste with greens) along with: kale, rice milk, half a banana, frozen strawberries, rolled oats, cocoa powder, vanilla and I have to be honest: it was awful and sour. I immediately blamed the kiwis, and added 2 dates and another half banana to try and tame the sour with some sweet. And guess what?

Dinner was saved :) After a muesli, raisin, sunflower seed, blackberry topping. Why not?

Then we: cleaned the casa 100% from top to bottom, made chicken lasagna with zucchini + bell pepper + serrano chili + 4 diced tomatoes + pasta sauce + whole wheat lasagna noodles + an oven, washed + diced up broccoli + cauliflower + green kale + red kale + beets, and read 2 Timothy 3 and it was beautiful.

Later, this bowl of oats appeared in front of me. It's a simple mix of: frozen blues, rice milk, cinnamon, raisins + some rolled oats. It was super tasty, refreshing and light. De. Lish. Us.

Happy almost weekend!

Plans: game night, 10K run, rest + relaxation, working at our apartment's cabana, young married's group at church, and pizza. Wonderful :)


  1. mmmm that pesto souns fab!! i love pesto with egss! its super tasty :)

  2. I LOVE pesto. Yummm. I never think to put it on anything but pasta and veggies though. Why not pesto on toast? I love that idea! A perfect savory breakfast :)

  3. I loooove pesto! Have you heard of kale pesto? It's the same as your recipe (with toasted walnuts) but you use kale instead of basil... SO GOOD!

  4. Hmmmmm....
    I wish my blender would work - I don't have a food processor, but I'm dying to try some pesto, smoothie and nut butter recipes!