January 31, 2011

Pink Dessert with Vanilla

Good morning Monday! I was in a prayerful mood this morning, after seeing our ~dream home~ yesterday I simply couldn't get it off my mind. So as I walked to the gym I just put it all in God's hands, and now I'm stoked 'cause our only job is to save up money and wait patiently 'till June comes around! I love leaving it all up to God, it's so peaceful and comforting knowing that there is no reason to worry since He is in complete control.

Gym time this morn' was quick and sh-weaty: 7K on the treadmill. I usually start off at a pretty easy speed (5-5.5) and pick up the pace with the mileage, but for some reason I went from 0 to 6 and decided to keep it there for a while. The stats were as follows: 12 push ups, leg warm up, runnn!

Mile 1: 6
Mile 2: 6
Mile 3: 6.5
Mile 4: 7
Last .35: 7

Time: 7K (4.35mi) - 41:21 (newww record!)

Then: cool down (walking), stretch, 4 sets 12 reps Leg Extension w/30lbs, 6 minutes abs, 12 push ups - I felt so good! I mean, I was pretty exhausted, but felt blessed to be able to run without pain in my knee. I hope to never take that feeling for granted, I have really come to appreciate a fast run on a treadmill since I had to "rest" for 'round 6 months!! Insanely beautiful = running with happy joints.

Breakfast was delicious: steel cut oats in rice milk, frozen blues, banana, almonds, raisins, wheat germ, chia seeds. Snacks + Lunch: fruits n veggies, leftover tempeh pot pie, half almond butter raisin sammie between homemade bread, raw no-bake granola bar.

Once home, I had a mission or two: eat, cook, make video of trip to Mexico (beginning of January). Guess what went down? Eat, cook, watch tv with hubby, read bible with hubby, talk about future with hubby, eat dessert, watch tv while hubby uses our only laptop, receive laptop after he finished, attempt to start Mexico movie + ....fail.

I guess I feel overwhelmed when I want to make something so perfect. That thing is a movie that holds together all of our memories from our trip visiting family, friends, eating delicious homecooked meals, visiting landscapes that take your breath away, and buildings that have seen more life than any of us have. It's a big deal, and I'm nervous about creating it. Stinkin' film, you are going to make me grow some canas up in here! (canas = grey hairs in espaƱol)

3 homemade veggie burgers (tofu, pinto beans, oats, veggies) with avocado, little tomato bits, steamed broccoli with red pepper flakes.

beautiful greens make my insides happy.


from ED&BV, I give you: quinoa chickpea (she meant garbanzo) confetti casserole. I made tofu quinoa stir fry for Edu, since he doesn't like garbanzos or zucchini, and held on tight to this dish for meself.

Beautiful. Just like confetti, only edible :)

hubby's tofu stir fry for tomorrow.

Pink Dessert:

okay, friends. This one is a true gem: 6 frozen strawberries, a good ol' 1/2c (or more) of rice milk, a few golden drops of pure vanilla extract & a blender. Just do. It is magical.

And those brown rice brownies only got sweeter and more rich overnight. They're winners!

I didn't think it could get any better 'till I added those guys.

Anywho, I am now going to dive deep into thought (and photo archives) to figure out how I am going to tackle this Mexico Movie 2011. Maybe I will discover how to post last years movie on this here blog, it was my favorite creation ever and it really brought together the entire experience, never failing to give me the chills (and make me want to cry and fly back to Mexico City) every time I see the intro. The only problem? It lasts 54 minutes. So that's my homework this time 'round: make the video shorter so no one falls asleep before the Superbowl kick off :)

God bless, lovely friends and family. Read on:

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. This is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance.
1 Timothy 4:8+9

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12

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  1. Woah that looks SO good!! I actually am making something similar tonight with chickpeas and quinoa - but in burger form. Nom nom nom.