January 29, 2011

Rainy Day 10K + Tempeh Pot Pie

Happy Saturday! Mine started off with feeling like a lazy log and staying in bed 'till past 8:30, then eating a banana with 1 slice o' homemade bread covered with almond butter, half the banana, cinnamon and chia seeds. My hubby ate his usual banana + almonds + raisins to prep for our Saturday mornin' run.

simple + stinkin' good.

Post-Run Eats:

Me: granola bar + Him: AB + strawberry jam sammie, we split the freshly washed apple.

Rundown: 10K, 2 laps around Green Lake, trying to break 1 hr, which hasn't happened since last Summer (pre-knee injury days) so I wasn't too optimistic, just ready to run and enjoy it! The weather was less than optimal for a morning jog, but I tried not to let it get to me. Rain, wind, mud, and ear phones falling out of my ears every 4 steps. A few more distractions that I had imagined, but check out what happened!


I could hardly believe it. I finished the first lap in 30 minutes - a lot like the last few weeks' times, and during the second lap I had not one, but two girls decide to pass me and then proceed to slow down almost immediately, then maintaining my exact pace right in front of me so I had to either jog right behind them, almost stepping on the backs of their shoes, or I had to run by their side (both not my favorite). So, I pushed myself to pick up the pace and try to pass them. Which I was able to do both times! It felt good, because thanks to those girls (who passed me at mile 3.5 and mile 5) I was able to maintain a fast pace and break my 10K time by 2 minutes! It felt beauuutiful!

Wet love birds, with legs covered in 3 pounds of pure mud.


In Starbucks they had this poster up and I was so excited to see it! It was the first 5K I ever ran, 2 years ago February 14th. I finished in 36 minutes or so, and last year in 29. This time I'm going to try and break 25, so we'll see what happens! So stoked!


After an amazing shower + putting on 9 layers of clothing to warm myself up, I ate this lovely creation of: banana, cocoa powder, walnuts and rice milk. I mixed the babies up and it was deeeeliiightful!

Then... DINNER!

I've been wanting to make this girl's amazing recipe ever since I saw it months ago on her blog. I loved chicken pot pie when I was a girl and almost fell back in my chair when I saw her vegan version of my childhood favorite meal ever!


Diving In:

Oh. My. WORD! I couldn't believe how simple the ingredients were, and yet how flavorful the dish turned out. When I took bites of crust + filling, I felt just like a kid again eating my favorite food ever!! I made a few tweaks to the filling, so here's my rendition:

  • 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1 dash italian seasoning
  • 1 sprinkle salt
  • 1-2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1-2 tbsp water
  1. Combine first four ingredients, then add water slowly, 'till a nice ball is formed (not too wet, just enough liquid to form a nice non-sticky ball o' dough) - place in fridge and tackle the pie's filling

  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup summer squash, peeled cubed
  • 1/2 cup frozen peas, frozen corn
  • 1/2 block tempeh, cubed
  • 1/4 white onion, diced
  • 2-3 tbsp. ground flaxseed (or flour, for thickening, or wheat germ!)
  • 1 tbsp. avocado oil
  • 1 dash italian seasoning + red pepper flakes
  • 1 pinch salt
  1. Preheat oven 400*
  2. Onion + avocado oil + pan on medium heat, 2 minutes
  3. Squash to pan, 1/2 cup water to pan, cover 3 minutes
  4. Roll out your lovely italian flavored dough :)
  5. Veggies + tempeh added, cover 'till veggies are cooked through
  6. Add small spoonfuls of flaxseed, mix thoroughly
  7. Cover and let simmer 'till desired thickness is acquired
  8. Pour into baking dish, add water + rest of flaxseed, mix in
  9. Top with crust, bake 50 minutes cover for last 10 mins or so with foil

the most incredible meal I've ever set eyes on.

brussels + cabbage on the side

Milled Wheat!

Oh, the simplicity of turning this...

...into this! I love it so much!


Granola Bars:

rolled oats, bananas, raisins, applesauce, unsweetened cocoa powder, cinnamon, chia seeds, wheat germ, almond butter!

Yes, I did have a few bites. No guilt!

Cooked Beige:

What lovely colors, no? Quinoa, rice, garbanzos, cinnamon steel cut oats with rice milk and water


pineapple, freshly sliced (okay, it was sliced last week. but still wonderful!)

I give you: ugly, at its tastiest level. Rolled oats, rice milk, cinnamon, amaranth, raisins, and the softest (almost dead) pear I ever did taste!

Okay. time for work. 9pm means time to clean. We work as night attendants every month or so (5-10pm) at our apartment complex, it's worth every minute (even though we'd rather be at home, watching a movie, with a blanket and a couch) because we get a key to the gym, so technically we have 24-hour access to some rad exercise equipment. And it's a life-savor! Imagine waking up every morning and having less than an hour to drive to a gym, workout nicely, and drive back home then get ready for work? I imagine lots of people do it, but I don't know if I ever could. Shoot, son.

God bless :D


  1. Wow it looks like you baked up a storm today! That tempeh potpie looks delicious. I actually have 2 blocks of tempeh I have to figure out what to do with... tbd! :)

  2. You sure are kicking runnings booty right now! Congrats on being pain free AND exceeding your goal! That must be a wonderful feeling! I hate when my earphones fall out, so I wear the old school headphones that circle my head instead of just go in my ears! I dont want running to be any more difficult than it already is for me! haha

  3. Hmmmm... pot pie looked awesome!
    Gotta try it sometime soon.
    Great job on the 10k, btw! You're fast, girl :)

  4. Everything looks so delicious and fresh!! Yum :)
    Glad you enjoyed the pot pie. It was a nostalgic meal for me, too - as a kid, we used to always eat those frozen Marie Calendar's pot pies!