February 24, 2011

Blue Skies + Winter Wonderland

Buenos dias amigos y familia bonita! This is how this amaazing snow-filled Thursday went down:

Workout business:
5K - 29:39 - Treadmill!
(3.1 miles @ Levels 6-7)
12x2 push ups
12x3 leg extension 30lbs
10x2 leg curl 20lbs
It felt: joyous, nice n' sweaty!

Breakfast business: kale monster with rice milk, frozen fruit, cocoa powder, rolled oats, wheat germ, ground flax + vanilla. Topped with 18 pounds of: chia seeds, sunflower seeds, grapes, raisins, almonds.

Lunch + snacks situation: fruits, vege-ma-tables, half sammie (almond butter, cinnamon, raisins) on homemade bread, raw granola bar from the land of freezer, Greek lentil soup (heavy on the lentils, light on the soup) that could probably comfortably feed a family of 7.

bread + pickles?! I love luncheons!

The breath taking (snow-covered) work of God:

We have had a total of 3 "snow days" since November, so I'm slightly over-joyed with this weather, although I know 98% of those around me don't feel the same (dangerous, cold, inconvenient, messy, ugly, distracting/blinding on the road, becomes ice, car accidents, stuck at work being snowed in....etc). We had snow on Thanksgiving, right before new years, and today was snow numero 3! It is my utter-most favorite thing, I will not lie, or exaggerate. True love.

After work I finished off the other half of the Greek Lentil soup with some fruit on the sides and a mini piece of dark french breads. It was delightful. Then we drove home in the snowmen-covered land that is Snohomish County, Washington.

I ate dessert, watched lame-o TV for a bit, and had some hubby time. Life's good! But mainly because tomorrow is Friday and that's a cause for true celebration :D

rice milk, frozen blues, cocoa powder + cinnamon, oats, raisins, almonds + a spoon.

"Truly my soul silently waits for God;
from Him comes my salvation"
Psalm 62:1


  1. YUM! that lentil soup sounds SOO good right now :)
    Your pics are always such good quality! What camera do you have?