February 8, 2011

Fartlek #2

"Through You the blind will see,
through You the mute will sing..."

LOVE this song. It was playing on the radio this morning as me mumsy and I headed to work. The words proclaim our freedom in Christ, how with Jesus as our Savior who washes away our sins, we are free! It's so beautiful and a comforting way to start the day.

Another nice start to the day: fartleks!! Fartlek: which means "speed play" in Swedish, is a form of conditioning which puts stress on the whole aerobic energy system due to the continuous nature of the exercise. (thank you, Wikipedia!) I'm only a few days away from my 3rd annual V.Day 5K (named "Love 'em or Leave 'em Valentines Day Dash") and I'm slightly nervous 'cause my legs have been feeling odd. I want to blame it on excess treadmill business, but who knows.

it felt nice, it was a challenge but I felt a bit stronger than my last (first) fartlek last week. So this boy is a keeper for sure! Thank you, coach that is my husband, for pushing me to do this little post-it note this morn'.

The best description of what the joints seem to be doing is as follows: imagine an aparatus made of dozens of metal bits and pieces, they have to rub together (ever so slightly) as the device moves and grooves around. But since the movement has been more consistent, going further, harder, and faster, things are starting to feel a bit stiff. As if they need oil, or new bits. Those are my knees and other friends inside my legs: I feel like I need some oiling done, much like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. I need oil, I need it to run through me squeeky joints!! But, how?

Working out bananas: warm up, push ups, fartlek while reading Runner's World magazine, cool down, stretch (10 glorious minutes!), push ups and downing liters of cold h2o - deliiiicious! Then steel cut oats, packing lunch munchies, jumping into me mum's truck and driving to work land. Sushi at work was INSANE! I love pre-making my sushi, the toasted nori soaks up the spicy brown rice and turns ever-so-slightly soft - t'was deliiiightful!

Work was.... in a word: humbling. I am learning referrals and am not catching on very quickly. This side o' business is hard, man! I tried giving my frustrations to God, so I wouldn't feel so stressed out. But the anxiety and grumpiness was so distracting! Anyhows, then I found myself at home, ready to eat my cares away.

I love when the outside is pink, and evening rainbows peak through my blinds!!

cinnamon + boiling h20 + butternut squash + garbanzos = steam party.

greenest kale my eyes ever did see!

After din-din I drove over to a friend's house and we carpooled to our church. We have an art ministry and all the artists get together some-what monthly to chat about upcoming events, art gallery openings, and our church's yearly art exhibit! We also learn some new fancy-pants ways to create art (through collage, paint, glues, pen, everything!) and it's fun to jump into some hand's on work. Love me some church fellowship time!

de-ssert. (oats, frozen blues, cinnamon, cocoa powder, raisins, almonds, almond milks)

brow-nie (brown rice flour banana unsweetened applesauce cocoa powder vanilla)

creamy goodness.


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  1. Hahaha I had no idea what Fartlek meant... but it made me giggle ;)

    I want some of that creamy breakfasty goodness! It looks amazing!