February 10, 2011

Lovely Leftovers of All Kinds

Happy Thursday! I had a strange type of day, where I wasn't really feeling myself from the moment I woke up and headed to the gym 'till the end of the work day. I had a rough day at work yesterday and I think I'm just off my game a bit. I need some Jesus time, His word, a journal, and a nice long quiet time. Maybe even some yoga stretching would help me feel a tad better. We'll see!

This morn' was: 4 miles on Mrs. Elliptical in about 41 minutes, with 2 sets of 12 push ups and a mini-stretch. Since I was feeling off, I truly had nothing in me (or enough time) to push out the 5 miles or even pick up the speed to complete the 4 quicker. I like to call myself a lazy slug on these types of mornings. Oh lazy slug, I do hope you don't come 'round too often these days, you're kind of a bum.

Then steel cut oats: rice milk, water, cinnamon, almonds and raisins. Topping: wheat germ, toasted amaranth, chia seeds, almond butter, half banana, frozen blues + a dash of muesli.

Work packed a whole lot of "clean-out-those-leftovers"!! With: cinnamon sweet potato fries, wheat germ russet potato fries, homemade sushi from Tuesday, and last night's delightful monkey minestrone!! It was all magically delicious, even though their flavors are no where near being true friends. Aye-mazing.

I also ate loads of this business (and by "loads" I mean all of it, each and every bite!!): Fruits, veggies, homemade granola bar, half an almond butter/sunflower seed sammich! And, naturally, since work was so busy like a crazy bean, I didn't get to most of my snacks 'till 4:30....

Then we (mum + me) went grocery shopping for them good ol' fashion foods, and later I found myself home, ready to eat loads of vegetables and bean-protein. Dinner: mashed half avocado, spoonful homemade salsa, 2 mini-tomatoes ~ to top two garbanzo sensaaational patties (from ED&BV's recipe) and sauteed brussel sprouts with red cabbage.

Wonderful EATS! A few newbies from the grocery store today were: dried figs and bean sprouts. I'm excited to try bean sprouts atop my pizza (yes, the idea is from this girl, yet again) and the dried figs have been tempting me for months, so I finally decided to cave in. I'm stoked to try and bake with these guys, as well as top my oatmeal with them!

Then I had a lonely piece of dessert, in the form of a brownie. A slightly-sweetened brown rice brownie, that is. Made with brown rice flour, rice milk, cocoa powder, banana, applesauce, chopped walnuts, vanilla, and a few drops of honey. It's the perfect evening dessert, the sweetness is subtle yet dreamy good. I'm in wuv.

Time for did we really already find the house of our dreams? talk, maybe a massage or two, and a bit of bible reading before bedtime. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore sleeping? It's my favorite verb of all time!


In Your unfailing love You will lead
the people You have redeemed.
In Your strength You will guide them
to Your holy dwelling.
Exodus 15:13


  1. Dried figs are the bomb.com!
    I bought a few newbies to try this week also ;) I got some pistachios (never tried them before, but I LOVE THEM!!!!! SOOO yummers!) and some chia seeds (o.my. goodness...these are SO good!)
    I know you'll enjoy your goods!

  2. I've never tried dried figs before except processed into bars - I'll be curious to see how you use em!

  3. I love bean sprouts! I also love alfalfa sprouts! yum yum. I've never tried rice milk before. Is it similar to almond milk? Any reason why you like it better? I think it's the only "milk" I haven't tried!