February 26, 2011

Mi Mexico Fajitas

Happy (snow-filled & frozen) Saturday!

This morn' I arose bright n' early for some silly babysitting from 6-9am. The wonderful 3-year-old girl was just a wee baby when I started taking care of her at my last job, at a Christian daycare, and she is GENIUS and uses words like "persipitation" and started telling jokes at 2 1/2 years haha. Love watching her, even if it's for 3 little hours on a Saturday morning.

5:30am love.

I drove home on the surprising snowy streets, and headed straight for the gym where hubby was running away, covering Mr.treadmill with a good o' sweat. When I got there he only had 2 miles to go so I did a quick warm ups/abs/push-ups, and waited a bit. I didn't really decide up front if I'd shoot for 10k like I usually do on Saturdays, so I just got on the band and waited to see how I (my legs) felt. Edu and I had fun taking pictures and videos, and I was slightly horrified by how much I slouch when I run! Bad, bad habit I'm hoping to change now that I really noticed it.

I love watching my hubby run, he looks so relaxed and happy, and you can see the muscles in his legs work their hardest. He's a big inspiration!

Things when down nicely. I decided on 5 miles, finished in 48:42 and was able to stretch, do some awesome abs, and enjoy mo' snow on my walk home (apartment gym = 3 minute walk to our front door.)

Then I ate an amazingly warm bowl of coconut banana oats with melted carobs chips and almond butter. It was super rich, creamy, and filled my belly real good! Warm oats are incredible, but they're especially essential when it's 23* outside, I must say.

We pretty much chilled at home for a few hours after our warm bowls of oats. Edu has the pager so he's on call answering his phone all day (he's a system engineer, companies call him with computer issues and he fixes 'em!) And I watched some hills-arious Saturday Night Live re-runs while I waited for him to finish up, since he had to do an installation in a new Mexican restaurant and we had a field trip planned! Yay mini-road trip to a magical place I've never been before!

The restaurant was gorgeous, all of the chairs were painted with really bright, popping colors. And they all had carvings of suns and pueblos (towns) mexicanos into the chairs' backs (did you like how I completely didn't take pictures of those so-called amazing chairs? fail!). I love how colorful Mexico is, and how wonderfully portrayed it is in some Mexican restaurants! Beauuuutiful. We were planning on maybe getting some free dinner there, and naturally my mind went wild as I tried to think of all the wholesome options I could choose.

And, well, we did get dinner there. For Free! Hello menu, hello vegetarian side, hello fajitas!

black beans, white rice + veg, iceberg lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo aaaand...

a crazy huge portion of pure veg! I fell in love, waaay deep love. It came with 4 corn tortillas, but I skipped after eating jus' one 'cause I knew they'd fill me up too much, causing me to have to leave some veggie behind (not a fan!) and hubby was thankful for extra tortilla-lovin'.

Then bring: home. bread. tropical lemon coconut chia bars, and soy yogurt w/frozen fruit!

Question: is drinking cold water after a meal bad for you? I just read that it makes any consumed fats into solids, resulting in harder digestion and mainly fat storage. It makes sense, since you heat up butter to make it liquid, but cold temps harden it. What do you think? Crazy beans, 'cause I adore some freezing cold water after filling meals, it's so cleansing!

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