February 26, 2011

Millet Puffs, Kelp Powder, Raw Pistachios

Goodmorning, Snow.

Yoga Friday was fully enjoyed. I decided, after longing for some weekly yoga time, that Fridays (short run or elliptical) would be the best bet for this relaxing stretch/tone session. And although I didn't enjoy yoga last week (20 minutes of sleepiness) I was looking forward to giving this my all, in a freezing living room at 5:15am. It was awwweeeesome! The stretches were tough, but I felt my muscles happily being strengthened, no matter how awkward I looked.

Workout: 50 minutes Power Yoga DVD - Tone


Work was insanely good business, then my mum and I went shopping to a new place: Central Market. My sister always shops there and I have always been tempted to take a looksy. I had a hunch it might be more expensive, but if I had only bought what we needed I would have spent only about $5 more than our normal weekly grocery trips.

But here's the problem: their selection was breathtaking, and I pretty much bought everything I saw. I ended up spending almost $40 on things we didn't really need 'cause I was so stoked to find these new things, I didn't even think to do the math in me head. How would you turn down these things?! millet puffs, kobucha squash, unsweetened coconut/soy yogurts, white-type beans (13g protein per serving!), unsweetened coconut! But oh well, what's done is done. And Saturday morning babysitting made up for the extra spent cash :)

then I ate a walnut + chocolate cookie (s'posed to be a double carob cookie, but we mixed things up a large load) from the freezer (her recipe!) And called it a night a bit early since I had a 5:15am alarm clock waiting to go off the next morning.

Side note: race pics were finally posted! I actually smiled in one (first time ever?!), so, that's my excuse for posting these fellas!!

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