March 4, 2011

Eating Cake For Breakfast

This morning was yoga packed and wooonderful!!! I decided to try last week's "class" again on the Yoga Power DVD, to see if I could pose correctly (last week I had trouble with the head-under-this-leg-with-hands-holding-that-ankle pose). I'm really excited to have found a challenging yoga workout, since yoga for me has always been simple stretches n' not a lot of sweat! And I will be able to "measure" my progress simply by watching how long I can hold certain poses, and if I can truly break a sweat from doing the hard moves right.

All in all, I loved this 50 minute yoga workout. I'm a big fan, man.

After yoga I ate a big piece of cake in a bowl, from the microwave. It wasn't really cake, but I sure did go a little wild with the toppings, and microwaving the oats made things extra sweet, rich, and dessert-like. Let's just say I felt like I was dreaming with each delicious spoonful, and I was a little too full once the bowl was cleaned out. A-mazin'.

For lunch I was excited to try my quinoa-crusted pizzas, along with a super juicy pear, some veg n' fruit aaand a whole lotta H2O! The pizza, oooohhh that pizza, let me tell you!!! The crust was divine and overloaded with rosemary (I may have measure that powerful herb wrong for the recipe, it was slightly yelling in my mouth) and cut very nicely. The toppings went super well together and did wonders atop the mushroom tomato sauce. And, I ate 2, which was just rad in many ways.

I accompanied my lovely mom to TJMaxx during our lunch break and without actually looking for something, found Larabars for 70 cents each!! Naturally, I bought all of them. I didn't need these, but it saves me from using up all of our pricey dates to make homemade versions! Sooo happy, so full of apple pie + peanut cookie Laras :)

Work went so much better than yesterday's madness. People were in a better mood, the patients were light-hearted and kind, and everything was dandy. It all got even better when my hubby called me at lunch and told me his plane would land at 9:30 tonight!! I get to pick the attractive Mexican man up tonight and it fills me up with glee!

2006 lovely times
on the waterfront in Seattle

We were long-distance for a year or so, and whenever he would fly up here I'd pretty much scream and giggle the whole way to the airport. Leaving him there, though, is by far the saddest memories we have. About 89 billion tears were shed during those moments, but God did amazing work in our relationship and soon enough we didn't have to say goodbye at airports anymore! Anyhow, picking him up at airports (even if he's only gone for 2 days or so) always makes us both happy kids.

San Diego, California - 2007,
about 2 days before he proposed!

Dinner time was a whole lot of this:

[inspired by this girl]

• salmon
• salt, pepper, thyme
• red cabbage
• green bell pepper
• liquid aminos
• sesame oil
• sesame seeds
• buckwheat soba noodles

And a silly dessert (slightly unnecessary, but we all make mistakes, right?)

blueberries + almond milk + millet puffs + cinnamon + unsweetened dairy-free carob chips + pistachios + spoon!

Goodness, I'm so excited to see my husband tonight! God is full of grace, His blessings are countless and I'm so undeserving of His love! But it feels so good to be wrapped up in it day after day.

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