March 2, 2011

Fear of the Grapefruit

Happy Wednesday! Today I woke up and my mind was so confused, I could have sworn it was Friday morning. I was 2 seconds from going crazy, thinking I had slept through my whole workout. But t'was Wednesday and my rest off of the gym world :) - I inhaled a good breakfast of blended greens and fruit, and off to work we (I carpool with me mumsy!) droooove!

The bowl contained:
• kale
• rice milk
• frozen banana
• frozen strawberries
• frozen blueberries
• rolled oats
• wheat germ
• ground flaxseed
• unsweetened cocoa powder
• vanilla

and I joyfully topped it with millet puffs, raisins and almonds. It was so fine! An absolute delight, yo. And it kept me full for stinkin' 4 hours! I love green monster bowls like crazy beans, so I usually make enough for 2 mornings (yes, you'll see part two tomorrow) and I'm so for making them in my food processor, it puts that machine to good use!

I made a fantastical sweet potato/tofu curry last night for lunch today (aaand tomorrow) and packed it real nice with half a sammie on homemade bread (almond butter + jam) other worktime snacks!

I'm trying to give grapefruit a 2nd try, since the first time I tried it a year ago my taste buds weren't too excited. I was so hesitant though! I brought this same grapefruit to work yesterday and never got to it, but let's be honest, I didn't really want to. I finally gave in around 3:30 today, when my tummy felt empty and I was craving something cold, juicy, and sweet. I cut the baby in half, planned on attempting to eat jus' half and save the other half for another day - but something magical happened: I fell in love with g.fruit!

I ate both halves, and had so much fun spooning out the little triangles, I think I might buy 12 more of these this weekend!

Things at work slowed down a bit, and us front desk girls started noticing our fish tank had a not-so-friendly-looking swimmer inside: a dead fish. So as I checked out the crime scene, I snapped some photos of our hermit crab, Frances! He's so goofy 'cause he's starting to climb on top of rocks, even though he can hardly lift himself up 'em with his huge shell. We got him back in November and he was a baby sized little crab, so we truly feel like he's our little boy, all growed up. This is his third shell, he keeps moving out and up since he's growing so fast!

Then my mami and I drove to empty out my little blue of mine and hubby's belongings, and I said my final goodbyes. We listened to an amazing mix CD in the truck on the way to the shop, and God painted us an incredible sky to daydream into while on the road. It was very helpful in distracting me from the fact that I was saying goodbye to an old-time friend (on wheels) and how sad it was truly going to be...

Love you, little blue. You were a true trooper.

sad things, man!

Once home, I was starving and decided a good-sized hefty meal was needed. I took 2 homemade pinto bean/oat/spinach patties out of the freezer, microwaved 'em for 1 minute, then threw them in a pre-heated pan sprayed with avocado oil. I then tossed in some golden cauliflower with kobucha squash and green bell pepper at the last minute so they'd turn all tender and lovely like.

homemade guacamole: 1/3 avocado, 1 spoonful of hubby's salsa, 1/3 of a lime's juices.

I sprinkled the veggies with salt and pepper :)

All in all, it was a wonderful day. God really has been working in my life, deep down inside of me. Every day is another chance to serve Him and love His children (each and every one of you!) and although it's hard business to attempt to be more like Christ, I'm striving to do so! My biggest goal is James 1:19 "Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry."

And of course it's so much easier said than done but I trust that God will continue to work in me order to reach this! We're human beings, we do everything so quickly including getting mad at everything and everyone. It's all about pausing for just a moment and reflecting on life at that very minute. It's tough beans. But I'm motivated and inspired to listen, think, speak gently and not go crazy in the slightly stressful and extremely over-my-head-insane situations. We can do this!

Keep yourselves in God's love
as you wait for the mercy of
our Lord Jesus Christ to bring
you to eternal life.
Jude 1:21


  1. omgshhhhhhh what a beautiful 'painting' of the sky that God made for us!!! :D that looks amazing Nicole~

  2. I looove grapefruit! My friends think I'm crazy because I don't put any sweetener on it or anything but I think it's delightful as is! They're kind of expensive though :( So I don't enjoy them too often! Glad you fell in love!

  3. So sad to say goodbye to your car. :( We've never had a car for longer than a couple of years. I never even owned a car until Christopher and I got married (ah, public transportation was the life, haha!). Anyway, I can imagine that I'd be sentimental if I'd had a car for a long time and had to say goodbye too!

  4. OBSESSED with gfruit. I eat one EVERY SINGLE DAY. No joke!