March 31, 2011

His Infinite Love

Love each other unconditionally. Love your enemies. Give love. Love like Jesus loves. The greatest commandment is love.

It's so easy to say, so easy to wake up and dedicate the day to trying to love others. But what do I do when we don't receive love in return? When we constantly let down by cases of the grumps, when stress takes control of everyone, and we're ignored, as if we didn't love at all?

We still need to love. It was hard for me to wrap my mind around this yesterday. I didn't know how we, as believers and followers of Christ, are commanded to give all we have to those who we see every day, regardless of how they feel about us or how they treat us. But it hit me, and hit me hard: Jesus loves, forgives, comforts and seeks those who turn their backs on Him daily.

But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.
Psalm 86:15

He gives His unconditional love to people who ignore Him and mock His Holiness. He forgives those who curse His name. And no matter how much we take, how many times we forget to thank Him or we forget His existence, our Heavenly Father still loves us. He is the definition of unconditional love, a love that has no rules, doesn't change, doesn't fade, is always strong, always over-flowing, always ready to be accepted (it's our job to accept it or leave it).

It was a beautiful thing, being reminded of Jesus' love! I feel so blessed to have it and it's comforting to know How close He always is, in times of weakness and strength.

Greater love has no one than this, that He lay down His life for His friends.
John 15:13

This morning went super well in the ol' gym. Hubby had mentioned something about tackling 10km on Thursdays (6.2 miles) once my half marathon training starts - on Mooooondaaaaay!! But I understood that he wanted me to run 10 today, so I went with it. It was my first time ever running 6 miles on the treadmill, my first time going over 5.5 miles on a weekday, and I was stoked!

after a little walk on mr.mill

I started at a 10min/mile pace, and slowly brought it up to an 8.5min/mile pace through the run, total stats: 10K - 58:42! I felt really good, no pain in me legs besides some new running blisters on the bottom of my feet - rough days, man - and I was super happy to have completed the full 6.2 miles! Then a cool down, a stretch, some leg extensions with 30lbs aaaand home sweet home!

Breakfast was a gem, I'm super loving the whole "hey why don't ya eat your oats on a plate so you feel like you're eating cake" way of enjoying my steel cut oatsies! It's fun to decorate 'em, and I think I may eat them a liiiittle bit slower since there's no full-on scooping action like you find when eating out of a bowl. Bite for bite, fork or spoon, it's wonderful.

Lunch + snacks were as follows: same delightfully simple half sammie with almond butter and chia seeds, fruit, veggies, and homemade pot pie! Incredible, so much so that I made two of these guys and I'll be eating the second one for tomorrow's lunch! Her recipe is golden, there's no denying it. Dig it, tempeh pot pie loving friends!

[recipe here!]

At my hauuusee I did 10 minute abs and decided to eat a large quantity of veg for dinner. Since I feel like all I eat is fruit sometimes (today alone: 2 bananas, orange, pear, cucumber, pineapple), it seemed like a good evening to have a vegetable attack! I paired brussel sprouts + red cabbage (cooked in avocado oil with Liquid Aminos and toasted sesame seeds) with my all time faaavorite protein: pinto beans (with a squeeze of fresh lime + avocado slices)!

Then we watched The Biggest Loser and I took one thing away from it: a desire to hit a punching bag with a bat. Talk about muscular arms! I'd love to work my arms more with weights, but it's all cardio and abs for this sister, n' push ups will just have to do!

Beautiful Thursday, I'll see you again next week.

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  1. Nice job on the treadmill run!!!I think it's so hard to do long runs on a treadmill.

    Have a great weekend, girl!