March 3, 2011

Quinoa Crusted Pizzas

"Teach us to number our days carefully so that we may develop wisdom in our hearts" Psalm 90:12

The daily devotional I (try to) read each morning was really heart-tugging yest' morning. Time management + putting my priorities in order are big struggles for me. I find myself too often wishing I could have that last hour back so I could have a do-over. And time is such a precious gift from God, it's sad how often we let it waste away.

"Each waking moment holds the potential to do a good deed, to say a kind word, or to offer a heartfelt prayer. Our challenge, as believers, is to use our time wisely in the service of God's work and in accordance with His plan for our lives." This is SO beautiful and it's my prayer for this life. I would love to remember this in those moments where (all I want to do is scream) things are going a bit rough at work, or I'm a grumpy bum out and about (road rage?) But I always seem to fall short. This is when writing on your hand becomes super helpful, it's a constant reminder + guide.

Today was full o' blessings upon blessings. I woke up, unfortunately spouse-less (he flew to LA yesterday for work stuff) and ready to kill a good workout in the apartment's gym. Thursdays are usually my running days, but since I slept through most of Monday's workout (ended up doing a magazine workout and a 1.5 mile jog instead of the usual elliptical business) I decided to skip the run and work them leg muscles on the elliptical machine.

Run down:
• 12 push ups
• Warm up
• 7K - 43:15 elliptical (4.35mi)
• Cool down
• Stretch
• Leg Extension - 30lbs 3x12
• Leg Curl - 20lbs 3x12
• 12 push ups

Love-rly, for real! I felt like I was going pretty speedy-like, but since I was diving into Blue Like Jazz I guess I was a tad distracted, seeing as how I hardly broke 10 minute miles. But oh well, no harm done, I got through 2 chapters of one of my faaaaavorite books, and I sweat like crazy beans.

Breakfast was the usual happy-tummy bowl of kale blended with rice milk, exaaaact same as yesterday's, since I made a big "batch". It was absolutely delicious, almost fluffy-like texture - compare it to a mouse or so, it was amazing!

Apparently today was wayy close to an exact repeat of yesterday's eats: same fruit (+ an apple), veggies, snacks, lunch of a sweet potato/tofu curry with brown rice, and an almond butter sammie. But wait! Guess what I decided to throw between those two slices AB lathered bread? COCONUT!!!

Oh. Gosh. Incredible flavor, texture, and well, it was jus' plain silly looking, so I loved every bite! I ate half in the AM and half in the PM, t'was perfect. And I have a lil' somethin' to say about my two least favorite friends: cumin seed + freshly diced ginger. They exploded suddenly in my mouth during that there curried tofu dish, and I wanted it to stop! I love ginger, but I guess I prefer more subtle-sides of the good ol' root. And cumin seed? No more, man!

After lunch, work got very busy and very overwhelming. I love my job: receptionist in pediatric clinic, but sometimes grumpy parents and short-fused patients really tend to bring me down. It's a huge challenge trying to stay up-beat and joy-filled, wanting to shine Jesus' light, when the air is thick, dark, and gloomy. It felt like a down-hill battle, but God is wonderful and once mumsy + I left work 'round 5, I ate some carrots with cucumbers, we listened to Hawk Nelson's make-you-dance tunes in the truck. Happiness filled my heart!

Then we went grocery shoppin' and thankfully I spend a wholez-lot less than last week's craziness. I bought a new friend: wheat grass! I did a little reading thanks to google, and have decided to follow the rules by letter the greens grow a tad, snipping their tips off, and consuming nicely with a blender or something of the sort.

After a delicious plate of tacos:
• corn tortillas
• pinto beans
• jalapeno
• tomato
• corn
• squash
• bell pepper
• avocado
• lime juice
• fresh cilantro

and some broccoli bits, I decided to tackle tomorrow's lunch! I found this recipe on Kat's beautiful blog, and I had to make it, since I love me some quinoa/flax/oats and had never imagined mixing them with rosemary and applesauce to make a pizza crust! The most genius idea I had ever read. And simple, and quick, and fun yo. Please try this recipe 'cause it's wonderful!!!

I had to triple the recipe since I had such a good amount of leftover cooked quinoa :)

It made 4 nice-sized crusts, and I'm consuming two entire ones tomorrow for lunch!

kobucha squash, bell pepper, carrot, brussel sprous, serrano chili, mushroom tomato sauce

Then sleep. Tomorrow hubby returns from LA!! I'm stoked, I miss that love bear like mad. Love of my liiife, a huge blessing from God. I truly can't thank Him enough for the gift of sharing my life with my Edu, he's a gem!

God's amazing promise to all of us:
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28


  1. Glad you liked the crust!! It isnt EXACTLY like pizza, but I think if you think of it as something completely different, you know more like a quinoa flax bread base, then it works out great :) And gosh I so wish my apartment had a gym!! I would so be doing my workouts in the morning....

  2. Sounds like a great pizza crust! But then I always love pizza so I think I'd like most any pizza, haha!