April 30, 2011

My First 10 Lovely Miles

Deep sigh of contentment at 6:00am on a Saturday? Yesh. After falling asleep so early last night, I felt like 6am was a perfect time to hop out of bed and start the day. I will not complain with 9+ hours of sleep, and I will recommend it to all of you stuffy-nosed lingering-cough friends out there! Ah, sleep, you're wonderful.

I spent the morning with a little reading, journaling, and cleaning of the face. Then hubby rose out of bed 'round 7:30am and we started the day. Running gear on, vaseline applied, and pre-exercise eats prepped for consumption:

him: whole wheat seedy bread with almond butter, almonds, homemade fig preserves and 2 prunes. her: muesli, rice milk, banana, almonds, prunies.

Post-run food was prepped, peeled, packaged, removed from the freezer, mixed, put on ice etc! He had another fig/almond butter sammie and I went for 2 hemp protein banana muffins (vegan delights of my life!) with the usual fruit friends, same ol' sports drinks for him, and some coconut water for me.


run time: my first 10 miles, his 8 millionth 27 kilometers or so [quick, math genius friends of the world, convert that baby!] - but the poor guy is on call this week, so I ran with his phone just in case he received any urgent calls, and he did. So I definitely stopped a few times on my run, and may or may not have forgotten to stop my watch a couple times... so... I don't feel like I really truly for reals ran a full 10 miles. C'mon, I stopped twice! Ah well, I felt like superwoman and hubby ran the last kilometer with me, so it was an all-in-all beautiful experience!

cutie + spring flowers!

That man is truly the love of my liiife and I'm so blessed to have him by my side! God deserves all the glory for giving us this marriage. Nothing like being married to your best friend, running coach, and full-on healthy-foods supporter. I like a man who likes his veggies, and this guy goes crazy over raw kale and broccoli sans dip (eww! he's strong, fo' sho.)

the top time: running/walking time
the bottom time: running/walking/cool off time
the unshown official 10 mile time: 1 hr 31 mins!
ankle pain free? yes
deliciously fun? of course
ready for 13.1 in june? yes yes yess!

We always eat our snacks/fuel in a Starbucks close to the lake, and they have a lovely wall with local events/runs/races/promotions posted on. Guess what caught my eye? Vegan bake sale day!! And the shop was only 6 minutes from where we were, so I asked mr. hubby if we could head over there (after finding out they sell vegan shoes/clothing, too!) and he agreed! I was so excited!

Chocolate Shoebox, you're a real gem. Visit this place if you ever find yourself in Seattle! I don't care much for sweets (Vegan or not) but they even have art and clothing there, and I know you have $24 for a suuuuper cute Vegan shirt! One said "Vegan Chocolate Monster" with a rad-looking monster consuming chocolate on it. Birthday gift? :)

We bought some Mexican Snicker Doodles + a crispy almond cherry cookie (which was immediately inhaled in the car as if we had never seen chocolate before in our life)

They had this posted on their window. This = most incredible movie ever to exist and I'm stoked for it to come to theaters in May! I pray this will open people's eyes to how incredible real food is, and how not-so-incredible food is so unnecessary for our bodies! Yay for an all-vegetable, fruit, whole grain, plant protein way of life.

then I ate carrots, to keep me from eating my hand, while we fixed some molletes for dinner/lunch.

pico de gallo + guacamole
fresh cilantro/serrano chili/green onion/tomato
avocado/fresh lime juice/hubby's salsa

wheat baguette, freshly refried mashed up beans, guac, veg

purple monster for dessert!
purple kale, frozen blueberry/strawberry/blues
wheat germ, flaxseed meal, rolled oats
vanilla, dark cocoa powder, rice milk, water

some serious reading/studying then went down!

notes on dairy

my thoughts on dairy/meat

dessert time! spicy cayenne snicker doodle (tasted like sugar + sugar + cayenne) with coconut + walnuts atop purple monster in a bowl. hubby had his favorite greek yogurt + frozen strawberries/blueberries + rice milk + dates + nut/fruit topping.

it was as delicious as it looks, multiplied by 9 million! the thickness of the smoothie was award winning tonight. I love you, thick smoothie.

Time to clean up this apartment's cabana and get home to finish our movie! Happy weekend, happy Kleenex love, happy lingering cough?

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

April 29, 2011

Eating My Vitamins

Happy Friday! This morn' started off with a whole lot of slow-motion activities. My alarm was set for 5:30am to do some lovely yoga in ye ol' living room, but once it went off all I wanted to do was lie in bed. My breathing was loud and my nose was more stuffed up than it has been all week.

I've been attacked by a mini cold this week [sore throat, cough, watery eyes] and had hoped that an overdose of fruit n' veg would cure the darn thing, but nope. It has decided to hang out for five days thus far, and I feel like there's not a whole lot I can do now. So rest + relaxation are on the menu!

Morning bowl of dark green goodness, you were a joy. I love starting my day off with one of these! [Kale, spinach, rice milk, water, wheat germ, chia seeds, ground flax, cocoa powder, vanilla, frozen banana n' blueberries]

My mami-in-law drinks these super delicious + vitamin packed smoothies every morning and afternoon, and it's so inspiring! Liquid diet, anyone? Her morning blends are somewhat like this: papaya, apple, soy milk, chia seeds, wheat germ, herbs and oats. And the afternoon guys are pineapple, herbs, more fruit, and more chia. Her health has sky rocketed into loveliness and she says she's never felt better inside! Oh how our bodies love raw, natural food!

Lunch was packed full of leftover land [black beans, avocado + lime + serrano, quinoa edamame stir fry with Liquid Aminos + sesame seeds, thai veg from a luncheon at work] and the snacks were the same classic friends on the side.

*insert two super juicy oranges for a vitamin kick to kill off sickness*

I contemplated dinner during lunch time while I was on a beauuuutifully sunny, but breezy, 20 minute walk around my workzone. I already had beans, so that protein is out, already had quinoa, so need a different grain... Then I remembered the tofu-ricotta raviolis I had in the freezer!

but first... a gloriously deliiiicious strawberry rhubarb slice of joy.

*insert a half handful of walnuts, a few dried plums (prunes, yo!), and a handful or twooo of muesli with extra sunflower seeds* consumed at rapid speeds!

sauce: a mix of out-of-the-jar pasta sauce goodness, with 2 tomatoes, kale, spinach, red pepper flakes and peas - tha's how we do!

spinach tofu ricotta is the greatest, softest, silkiest invention ever!

And, guess what time this sleepy, sickly, weakly little one [me] is going to catch some shut-eye on a Friday night?! Just guess. Okay, it's just pushing 8:30pm, and my next stop in the bed. I have no shame.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

April 28, 2011

Count Your Blessings

A day full of God's beautiful blessings! Great 6.2 mile run, awesome buckets of sweat, delicious bowl of green smoothie love, awesome luncheon at work (lettuce, lettuce, lettuce?!) with tasty cabbage bean burgers, wonderful snacks, quinoa rice waffle with seitan sausage n' veg, painting on a weeknight (never ever happens!) and doodling in my sketch book with hubby at my side. couches are nice inventions.

10K (6.2 miles) - 57:33

sweaty face!

rice milk/water
frozen banana/blueberries
unsweetened dark cocoa powder
ground flax/chia/wheat germ
steel cut oats/coconut/walnuts/prune or two

half a slice of fruity rhubarb heaven at 7am!

seitan sausages were insanely delightful! flavor packed fo' sho!

summer squash, broccoli, sesame oil/seeds, Liquid Aminos

pure blessings :)

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:7

April 27, 2011

Discussing Food

letting it aaallllll out......

I enjoy taking pictures of my food, seeing it as art that nourishes my body and tastes incredible, being creative and having fun with each bowl, plate, or baking dish. I love meeting new people that share my love for wholesome whole foods that come from this earth, not from a factory, not from man's hands that love to rip out incredible nutrients in so many foods - take away, take away, add this and that, make it cheap, more colorful, convenient, quick, easy, effortless, salty, fatty, sweet, chemical atop chemical, poison atop poison.

I love food blogging, but I've recently felt drained. Can I really help anyone change the way they look at food? I'm just one person, I can't change a country's eating habits. I see people hurting their bodies daily with processed, colorless, unnatural foods. And no one cares about the long-term side effects, all they want is the sugar buzz, salt attack, trans fat bomb. We're addicted to it all and I'm tired of how man has destroyed food, how it's killing us and we don't want to change a thing, how we don't know any other way. For some of us, it's ALL WE'VE EVER KNOWN since we came into this junk-food fed world. It shouldn't be that way. We should care about what we put in our bodies, we should hope to live life to the fullest, we shouldn't be lazy, we shouldn't have so many excuses, but we do.

I love trying to be different - not striving for perfection but showing others that this change is possible and that breaking out of that mold, not eating what every one else eats, not baking how every one else bakes, ignoring all the "just add water" products and going back to the basics: where great food takes time, not just a microwave is so worth it. It takes a little more work, it calls for a few sacrifices, but you gain a happy, healthy body, that stays strong with you 'till you're old, gray, and beyond! I understand that asking someone to leave all processed foods, enriched/bleached grains, trans fats and everything that's packed full of them, and change their eating habits permanently is harder than it sounds but we really need to make the effort, our bodies are begging us to!

So what about my friends, my family, co-workers, everyone I see, every person I meet: when will it hit home for them? When will they want to fuel your body with nothing more than whole foods? When they lose a loved one to a preventable illness? When they're given the news from their doctor that they have heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes? Then will they want to change? Or will it be after they've suffered for years, after they've heard it all, when they're at a loss? When? I'm tired. I can't change this world. I can't change all my family or all friends. If we're given garbage to eat, we will eat, because we're hungry.

The end.

oats, rice milk, water, cinnamon, banana, blueberries, unsweetened coconut, flaxseed meal, wheat germ, chia seed gel, almond butter, walnuts

minestrone with rice pasta and pinto beans, summer squash added for a kick :)

thai veg. and banana in coconut milk with actual chunks of cooked coconut! The most beautiful thing my mouth has ever met, I will not lie.

wheat pasta, green beans, grilled eggplant [italian seasoning] + lentil tomato sauce [lentils, red pepper flakes, italian seasoning, tomatoes, garlic, onion]

dinner for tomorrow! quinoa, bell pepper, edamame, broccoli, sesame oil, sesame seeds, Liquid Aminos

seitan sausages a la Jessica/Healthy Exposures

1 part quinoa
1 part brown rice
miso, water, water, water.

savory, not sweet! these babies will be topped with cooked veg for dinner!

thank you, Karen DeMasco!
[she's the pastry chef at Locanda Verde in New York, NY!]

my take t'was a little different. oh flax eggs, you're life savers!

raw + flaxegg

cooked + golden

so. excited. to. inhale. this. tomorrow! too bad it wasn't cooled off 'till 9:30pm, otherwise I would have downed a slice o' pie!

maybe i'll have a happier-themed post tomorrow?
maybe i'll run 10 kilometers pain-free in the morning?
tomorrow's in God's hands,
there's not need to worry.

Come near to God and He will come near to you.
James 4:8

April 26, 2011

A Mental Fog

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

20 min warm up
10 minutes at 9:30min/miles
10 minutes at 9:00min/miles
10 minutes @ 8:30min/miles
10 min rest

steel cut oats
rice milk
cocoa powder
ground flaxseed
wheat germ
chia seed gel
almond butter


luncheon day at work!

minestrone with rice noodles
red bell pepper
carrots n' celery
zucchini n' serrano chili
tomatoes n' water
seasoning n' such
+ toast

1 frozen banana
4 frozen strawberries
3/4 cup frozen blueberries
2 handfuls spinach
ground flaxseed
+ sunflower seeds


i took a mini-vacation away from the kitchen tonight so i could spend the evening with God's Word, and the biggest blessing He has given me: my husband. but guess what ended up happening? i sat on the couch, felt lazy, missed the kitchen, did nothing, and wasted away my tuesday night. i hope it's just the side effects of a nasty cough and a sore throat. otherwise, i'm falling down a slippery slope of "whyamionthisearth" or "whatisthepointofthisblog" or " canmybodysuriveoffofjustapples" syndrome and i know it'll turn ugly pretttty quickly if i don't focus on my SAVIOR and His purpose for me [to live for Him, share His gospel, love others, and make Him proud of His daughter]

focus, nicole. foooocussss!