April 9, 2011

8K Race Recap + Incredible Eats!

Pre-Race Eats:

the girl: muesli, banana, wheat germ, raisins, almond butter.

the boy: half banana and those lovely nuts + raisins

Driving to race destination was, in one word, peaceful. The truck was warm, the worship music brought all attention to God, and the view outside my window was His workmanship, displayed for all to see. Living in the North West is really a blessing because of the abundance of trees, they're always surrounding you. (for) "Evergreen state" is in reference to the dozens of pine trees that, year round, are always green. Of course they often find themselves in a diverse group of partially, if not completely, naked, leafless, trees. But those are pretty spectacular as well.Link

The trip was slightly lengthy, and around 8:30am we were feeling a bit nervous about timing, since the race was a 9:30am start. We usually try to arrive at races a good hour early so we can pick up our race bibs, have a mini photo shoot, take part in a nice warm up, decide if we need a bathroom or not, and talk to God a bit before the runners hear the horn sound. But hey, if we arrive late one of these days, it'll just be another story to tell, nah?

We arrived with a good 45 minutes to spare, thankfully! Then it was: bathroom break, bib pickup, look for friends, look for family, find both, pre-run photos, pre-race jitters, iPod on, a prayer to God (it's His race, not my own!) And a man yelling "staaaaartttt!!!!"

We were off running, I couldn't stop smiling. I focused on my pace, found a comfortable speed and kept it. Mile one: 8:40, seemed a little fast, but I felt good. Mile two: 16 something, not too shabby. Mile three: a blur, time to pick up speed for the last half, focus focus! Mile four: 34 minutos, I liked it, I needed to push that last mile like none of last year's business: faster, legs, move faster! Mile four point five: a man yells, from afar, it's my speedy Gonzales husband, running on the other side of the street. Do I follow his pace? Am I going hard enough? I was so happy to see him, I wanted to run even faster, so I tried. Once I saw the finish waaaaay ahead, I picked it up even more, then did a blast off for the last hundred meters or so. I couldn't see, hear, or do anything other than sprint. I hit the finish, pushed the stop button on my watch, and grinned from ear-to-ear, not caring about my time, just thanking Jesus for a pain-free race, and a view of my incredible husband for the last mile. God is amazing!

My official (unofficial) time: 43:08
(1.5 mins off last year's time!)
Eduardo's inspiring time: 29:35

Races are the best ways to start a weekend! It makes the weekend feel like a three-day: race on day one, rest and bake and relax on day two, then sunday. I LOVE it! Especially when "day two" consists of amazing kitchen time (bake, bake, bake!) And we were able to sit down and eat with my parents, which we haven't done in months, and eat us some rad japanese food.

'Nuff said, picture time!

my new friend, Anna, is right behind me!
& Edu's co-worker, Gabriel, is the guy waving!

finish strong, my Love Bug.

Yeah, I tried to beat him fo' sho.

my parents are one of the biggest blessings God has given me, I love them so much!

3rd in his age category! (31-35)

post-race snacks!

coconut square, of course.

raisins soaking in olive oil + red wine vinegar
almonds that had a party with a rolling pin
and plenty of good-for-you spinach!

Lunch at Chinese restaurants with the family :)


sauteed veg w/soft tofu + cabbage

brown rice for carb-upload.

home + 3 hours in kitchen land:

Amaranth Banana Bread (recipe to come!)

Vegan Quinoa Runzas (recipe to come!)

oh goodness.

ready for another wonderful week of food.

dessert: rice milk, frozen blues.

oats, sunflower seeds, vegan carob.

I'm. exhausted. Sleep is delightful!

Create in me a pure heart, O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me
Psalm 51:10

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  1. Wow! Your time was awesome! Nice work! Same with your hubby! I thought about it and realized I was just passed mile 3 around the same time he finished!! hahaha That's awesome!!!