April 27, 2011

Discussing Food

letting it aaallllll out......

I enjoy taking pictures of my food, seeing it as art that nourishes my body and tastes incredible, being creative and having fun with each bowl, plate, or baking dish. I love meeting new people that share my love for wholesome whole foods that come from this earth, not from a factory, not from man's hands that love to rip out incredible nutrients in so many foods - take away, take away, add this and that, make it cheap, more colorful, convenient, quick, easy, effortless, salty, fatty, sweet, chemical atop chemical, poison atop poison.

I love food blogging, but I've recently felt drained. Can I really help anyone change the way they look at food? I'm just one person, I can't change a country's eating habits. I see people hurting their bodies daily with processed, colorless, unnatural foods. And no one cares about the long-term side effects, all they want is the sugar buzz, salt attack, trans fat bomb. We're addicted to it all and I'm tired of how man has destroyed food, how it's killing us and we don't want to change a thing, how we don't know any other way. For some of us, it's ALL WE'VE EVER KNOWN since we came into this junk-food fed world. It shouldn't be that way. We should care about what we put in our bodies, we should hope to live life to the fullest, we shouldn't be lazy, we shouldn't have so many excuses, but we do.

I love trying to be different - not striving for perfection but showing others that this change is possible and that breaking out of that mold, not eating what every one else eats, not baking how every one else bakes, ignoring all the "just add water" products and going back to the basics: where great food takes time, not just a microwave is so worth it. It takes a little more work, it calls for a few sacrifices, but you gain a happy, healthy body, that stays strong with you 'till you're old, gray, and beyond! I understand that asking someone to leave all processed foods, enriched/bleached grains, trans fats and everything that's packed full of them, and change their eating habits permanently is harder than it sounds but we really need to make the effort, our bodies are begging us to!

So what about my friends, my family, co-workers, everyone I see, every person I meet: when will it hit home for them? When will they want to fuel your body with nothing more than whole foods? When they lose a loved one to a preventable illness? When they're given the news from their doctor that they have heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes? Then will they want to change? Or will it be after they've suffered for years, after they've heard it all, when they're at a loss? When? I'm tired. I can't change this world. I can't change all my family or all friends. If we're given garbage to eat, we will eat, because we're hungry.

The end.

oats, rice milk, water, cinnamon, banana, blueberries, unsweetened coconut, flaxseed meal, wheat germ, chia seed gel, almond butter, walnuts

minestrone with rice pasta and pinto beans, summer squash added for a kick :)

thai veg. and banana in coconut milk with actual chunks of cooked coconut! The most beautiful thing my mouth has ever met, I will not lie.

wheat pasta, green beans, grilled eggplant [italian seasoning] + lentil tomato sauce [lentils, red pepper flakes, italian seasoning, tomatoes, garlic, onion]

dinner for tomorrow! quinoa, bell pepper, edamame, broccoli, sesame oil, sesame seeds, Liquid Aminos

seitan sausages a la Jessica/Healthy Exposures

1 part quinoa
1 part brown rice
miso, water, water, water.

savory, not sweet! these babies will be topped with cooked veg for dinner!

thank you, Karen DeMasco!
[she's the pastry chef at Locanda Verde in New York, NY!]

my take t'was a little different. oh flax eggs, you're life savers!

raw + flaxegg

cooked + golden

so. excited. to. inhale. this. tomorrow! too bad it wasn't cooled off 'till 9:30pm, otherwise I would have downed a slice o' pie!

maybe i'll have a happier-themed post tomorrow?
maybe i'll run 10 kilometers pain-free in the morning?
tomorrow's in God's hands,
there's not need to worry.

Come near to God and He will come near to you.
James 4:8


  1. Oh how I can relate!!!!!!!!! I so want to make a difference and change the world. Thats why i'm hopefully going to school this fall on a quest to become a registered dietitian!!! and then I pray to our dear Lord that he leads me and guides me to make a difference. Let's form a team and go full force!!!

    And yes...you DO make a difference. You give people the confidence they need to take on the task of healthy eating. It's not easy, not always popular, and takes creativity. You are a great source for people to refer to!!! God's put a passion in you and me for a reason and a purpose. Let's make this thing happen!!! You probably dont even know the difference you make!

  2. PS that rhubarb pie looks insane!!!!!!!!!!! in a good way!

  3. Girl I WISH I knew that my words or actions could affect someone's health positively, but seeing as how even my own family wont listen to me, Im not sure that is in the cards for me!! It is SOOO frustrating. My father in law is obese AND has diabetes, yet he'd rather get gastric bypass then let me help him!! I just wish people would get over believing in a quick fix. THEY DONT WORK. Being healthy is a complete lifestyle change, one which you need to give your old habits to God and ask him to help you maintain a healthy one!