April 25, 2011

Easy Four Mile Monday

Simply four miles. This morning that was all I ran on the treadmill, even though my half marathon training called for 6.2 miles. Thankfully it had nothing to do with mr.ankle, but everything to do with sleeping away the sound of the alarm clock. Oh sleep, I love you so. I didn't get mad or yell at the pillow for being so stinkin' comfy, even though I easily could have, but I did jump out of bed and speed walk to the apartment's gym, hoping to be able to get a good sweat in with the time I had left.

4 miles - 37:47

I started of at a 10min/mile pace and slowly increased speed as my "I'm not feelin' too good" foot let me. By the time I was coming up to mile 4, I was comfortably running at 8min/mile pace! Yay for happy feet! Of course the ankle hurt shortly aaaafter the run, but if I can run pain free I have zero complaints, yo.

Tomorrow is another crazy one of them fatleks on the training menu, depending on my ankle (and my alarm clock's super powers). So maybe an easy 4 miler was just what my body needed today!

Breakfast was a jewel, a diamond in the rough, a flavor explosion, a sweet and comfy bowl of steel cut oats. With every topping I could master, and a minute in ye ol' microwave to keep my tummy warm before stepping out into the cold, rainy mess that was Monday morning. Okay, it wasn't really thaaat awful, but the oats were deliciously warm none the less and made me happy!

Steel cut oats
rice milk
wheat germ
ground flaxseed
chia gel
almond butter
frozen blueberries

...i told you the toppings were enormous. Mix, mix, mix, a rich, creamy almond butter banana mix. Then I packed that there lunch, with them there leftovers (mami's vegan lasagna joy) and a boat load of fruit + sm' carrots. A friend at work let me partake in some of her increeeedible pine nut + herb hummus for the carrots, I almost fell to the floor it was so delicious! Maybe...one of these days...I'll go back to eating garbanzos? Maybe my insides will take it like a man and not complain?! Maybe? Maybe?

Anywho. Lunch delish. Dinner a crazy mess, but it was also tasty to the extreme and a wonderful/creatively odd creation. I give you: open-faced eggplant sammies with lentil tomato sauce! Okay. The amaranth flat bread turned soggy and the tomato sauce looked a bit unattractive, but the flavor was all there, I promise you!

amaranth flatbread
grilled eggplant
[w. italian seasoning + salt]
italian seasoning
red pepper flakes
avocado oil

Time for bible reading, journaling, a bit of Women's Health mag learning, and sleep! Happy Monday (and happy cooking?)!

soup. soup. strawberry rhubarb. crust. leftover grilled eggplant + lentil tomato sauce!!

Purse peace with all people,
and holiness,
without which no one will see the Lord.
Hebrews 12:14

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