April 29, 2011

Eating My Vitamins

Happy Friday! This morn' started off with a whole lot of slow-motion activities. My alarm was set for 5:30am to do some lovely yoga in ye ol' living room, but once it went off all I wanted to do was lie in bed. My breathing was loud and my nose was more stuffed up than it has been all week.

I've been attacked by a mini cold this week [sore throat, cough, watery eyes] and had hoped that an overdose of fruit n' veg would cure the darn thing, but nope. It has decided to hang out for five days thus far, and I feel like there's not a whole lot I can do now. So rest + relaxation are on the menu!

Morning bowl of dark green goodness, you were a joy. I love starting my day off with one of these! [Kale, spinach, rice milk, water, wheat germ, chia seeds, ground flax, cocoa powder, vanilla, frozen banana n' blueberries]

My mami-in-law drinks these super delicious + vitamin packed smoothies every morning and afternoon, and it's so inspiring! Liquid diet, anyone? Her morning blends are somewhat like this: papaya, apple, soy milk, chia seeds, wheat germ, herbs and oats. And the afternoon guys are pineapple, herbs, more fruit, and more chia. Her health has sky rocketed into loveliness and she says she's never felt better inside! Oh how our bodies love raw, natural food!

Lunch was packed full of leftover land [black beans, avocado + lime + serrano, quinoa edamame stir fry with Liquid Aminos + sesame seeds, thai veg from a luncheon at work] and the snacks were the same classic friends on the side.

*insert two super juicy oranges for a vitamin kick to kill off sickness*

I contemplated dinner during lunch time while I was on a beauuuutifully sunny, but breezy, 20 minute walk around my workzone. I already had beans, so that protein is out, already had quinoa, so need a different grain... Then I remembered the tofu-ricotta raviolis I had in the freezer!

but first... a gloriously deliiiicious strawberry rhubarb slice of joy.

*insert a half handful of walnuts, a few dried plums (prunes, yo!), and a handful or twooo of muesli with extra sunflower seeds* consumed at rapid speeds!

sauce: a mix of out-of-the-jar pasta sauce goodness, with 2 tomatoes, kale, spinach, red pepper flakes and peas - tha's how we do!

spinach tofu ricotta is the greatest, softest, silkiest invention ever!

And, guess what time this sleepy, sickly, weakly little one [me] is going to catch some shut-eye on a Friday night?! Just guess. Okay, it's just pushing 8:30pm, and my next stop in the bed. I have no shame.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

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