April 1, 2011

Fruit Trees and Infinite Vegetables

Yoga, yoga, yoga. You're a sweet muffin! After only 15 minutes of easy yoga with a mini ab workout last Friday and such a rad "I be feelin' so strong" 8 mile run on Saturday, I felt that a repeat was so needed for today.

Buy this baby, it does magic tricks for you.

I turned on mr.TV and watched this guy for about 20 minutes before switching to some running yoga: then abs went down, 'till it buuurnnned (10 minutes?) And I dove into a green beastly bowl of lovin' kale n' fruit.

Lunch + snacks were the usual friends! But instead of those delightful buddies: le orange and la apple, I consumed about 18 pounds of cantaloupe + carrots, part of a work potluck. I just couldn't control my intake, yo! So the apple and orange sat in my bag and came home with me.

Grocery shopping went nicely, $44 was the total (and hubby still goes to Costco in the PM for the other stuff: rice milk, kiwi, grapes, fage greek yogurt, tomatoes, a million bananas, etc) and my fridge, once empty, is now happily full. I think we take food for granted sometimes, I had a co-worker tell me that fruit is too expensive so they don't buy as much as they would like to, and it kills me! Why not make the highly processed foods, that make us sick, the expensive stuff? And give out the good grub fo' free? This country is corrupt, just say it. We all need fruit trees and organic gardens in our backyard, without it costing us a pretty penny.

Dinner land was the Friday special: salmon fillet w.pasta of choice. Today was simple whole wheat spaghetti with italian seasoning, boiled in water with a garlic clove and a piece of onion, for flavoring. Salmon was baked in a foil dome with olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme. 400 degrees for 25 minutes? Spot on, son. Served with roasted cauli, brocc, and okra.

Then some R&R went down to town in our livin' room, and that's the sweeeetest way to end a Friday, if you ask me! Paint, blog, sleep.

Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.
Nehemiah 8:10

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