April 19, 2011

Homemade Fig Newtons

Man does not see what the Lord sees, for man sees what is visible, but the Lord sees the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

man sees that I run, I eat boat loads of plants, I don't touch the donuts, I make up songs, I always wear my hair up, I own two pairs of boots that I alternately wear 4 or more times a week, I speak Spanish, I get pink cheeks a lot because I'm secretly slightly insecure.

God sees that I love Him, but I sometimes fail to show it, that I love people, but often fail to tell them, that I like my job, but I complain in my heart, that I adore my husband, but lack in giving him unconditional respect, that I try, try, try, and feel like I do nothing but fall, defeated, wondering if I will ever truly become a daughter of Christ who brings honor to my Heavenly Father's name and makes Him proud, makes Him smile, or will I continue to let Him down, not sharing His gospel, not spreading His love onto others?

When God looks at my heart, I want it to bring Him glory. I pray that he'll mold my heart and change me, I pray for His amazing grace to wrap itself around this world. He comforts and strengthens the weak, He is more than enough!

Today went down, went down like this:
gym: exercise bike, 50 minutes, random hills, lots of sweat
oats: rice milk, wheat germ, ground flax, frozen blues, chia seeds, almond butter, kamut puffs
munchies: grilled tofu + soba noodles, fruits and veggies
dinnah: green monster inabowl, kale, water, frozen nanner, frozen strawburries, cocoa powder, coconut, love
• cook, cook, cook, tv, fix-my-dying-foot exercises, sleep.

I wish that guy were a little more attractive. But let's be honest, it turns my stomach.

microwavable, baby!


fresh cilantro is incredible!

plus: amaranth banana bread square + 1 piece homemade bread with almond butter, baby.

chia slug! chia + water + a few minutes = chia slug.

Fig Newtons! adapted from this beauty.

the lovely filling:
• 1 overflowing up chopped dried figs
• 2 cups water (or half apple juice, half h2o)
• 1 medium banana, mashed with a fork
• 1/8 tsp grated orange zest

that incredible cookie dough:
• 1/2 cup coconut butter, softened in microwave
• 2 tbsp raw honey, or sweetened of choice (feel free to use more!)
• 1/2 tsp grated orange zest
• 1 flax egg (1 tbsp ground flax to 3 tbsp water, let sit aside for a few mins to thicken)
• 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
• 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour

sat in mr. fridge alllll night

note: more fig, less water!

also lived in a cold fridge for a good day or so!

roll, roll, roll yo' dough.

fill those guys nicely!

sh-loppy, but cute.

I followed these instructions almost exactly! They came out close to perfectly, beside a bit of over-flowing activity during baking. I say use less liquid for the filling and more figgies. And yes, you will have leftover filling. Feel free to do one + one half the dough recipe, or store the fig puree in a glass jar for sandwiches!

"May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you." 1 Thessalonians 3:12

Happy almost Wednesday! I love you, third day in the work week, I won't hide it. I especially love the fact that your bff, Thursday, is very near and dear to you. Hellloooo almost Friday!

Aw, fig adventures!


  1. Oh, Nicole! I love love love the fig newtons! I so wish I could eat one of those right now. I have not done some serious baking for a few weeks, honestly, and if I weren't so tired, I'd be half tempted to go make these right now! haha

    Also, God wants you to know that you DO bring Him honor! You have the best of intentions and take action on your intentions, and that brings Him glory. You may not always feel like you succeed, but He does get all the glory in your life. Especially on your blog.

    You know what crossed my mind today? I was feeling upset because I had messed up on something. it made me feel a bit insecure and like less of a person because of it. But then God reminded me of something: EVERYONE messes up sometimes; everyone makes mistakes....but it doesn't make us any less of a person. In fact, it makes us more human! Actually, making mistakes makes us more relatable to other people! When people see that we are Christ followers and still make mistakes, it gives them hope that they are pleasing to God, despite their mistakes/downfalls. If we were perceived as perfect, and we portrayed a mistake-less life, people may look at us, compare our alleged perfect life to theirs and believe that they don't meet a 'standard' of Christianity. A standard that is, in reality, unattainable! We are meant and purposed to be imperfect and to rely on God to make up for our downfalls. Because if we were even capable of doing everything right, why would we need God? Be encouraged and walk in God's grace, knowing that He is thrilled and excited with the way you are living your life! Yes, we all have our quirks and we all have areas that need improvement, but if we didn't, we wouldn't need God. So it's all good!

  2. Girl I LOVE the beginning of this post!! Gosh it is so true that the WORLD sees so differently from God. I mean the world focuses on the appearance and the outside, and our Lord focuses on the heart. That is truly one of my favorite verses. It is nice to know that even though I have flaws and some days look pretty swful, my God still thinks Im beautiful because of the heart that loves Him. There's truly nothing like the love of our Savior!!!

    P.S. Those fig newtons are AMAZING!! I love fig newtons but hate all the processed junk. What a healthier way to make them! Thanks for sharing!

  3. After reading your blog I felt I had to comment even though I rarely do. ( I should more!) Anna is right in what she said. If we rate ourselves by our own perceptions or those of others we will always feel like we are failing in one way or another. But the grace and love of God is unquenchable! I believe he is always smiling with love and appreciation for all you do. The trick is to not be satisfied and to continue to grow in Christ, but still keep that reservoir of joy that we have in the Lord.
    Love you,

  4. by the way I loved the fig newton Mom brought me! I think they need more fig and less newton though. What is newton?