April 30, 2011

My First 10 Lovely Miles

Deep sigh of contentment at 6:00am on a Saturday? Yesh. After falling asleep so early last night, I felt like 6am was a perfect time to hop out of bed and start the day. I will not complain with 9+ hours of sleep, and I will recommend it to all of you stuffy-nosed lingering-cough friends out there! Ah, sleep, you're wonderful.

I spent the morning with a little reading, journaling, and cleaning of the face. Then hubby rose out of bed 'round 7:30am and we started the day. Running gear on, vaseline applied, and pre-exercise eats prepped for consumption:

him: whole wheat seedy bread with almond butter, almonds, homemade fig preserves and 2 prunes. her: muesli, rice milk, banana, almonds, prunies.

Post-run food was prepped, peeled, packaged, removed from the freezer, mixed, put on ice etc! He had another fig/almond butter sammie and I went for 2 hemp protein banana muffins (vegan delights of my life!) with the usual fruit friends, same ol' sports drinks for him, and some coconut water for me.


run time: my first 10 miles, his 8 millionth 27 kilometers or so [quick, math genius friends of the world, convert that baby!] - but the poor guy is on call this week, so I ran with his phone just in case he received any urgent calls, and he did. So I definitely stopped a few times on my run, and may or may not have forgotten to stop my watch a couple times... so... I don't feel like I really truly for reals ran a full 10 miles. C'mon, I stopped twice! Ah well, I felt like superwoman and hubby ran the last kilometer with me, so it was an all-in-all beautiful experience!

cutie + spring flowers!

That man is truly the love of my liiife and I'm so blessed to have him by my side! God deserves all the glory for giving us this marriage. Nothing like being married to your best friend, running coach, and full-on healthy-foods supporter. I like a man who likes his veggies, and this guy goes crazy over raw kale and broccoli sans dip (eww! he's strong, fo' sho.)

the top time: running/walking time
the bottom time: running/walking/cool off time
the unshown official 10 mile time: 1 hr 31 mins!
ankle pain free? yes
deliciously fun? of course
ready for 13.1 in june? yes yes yess!

We always eat our snacks/fuel in a Starbucks close to the lake, and they have a lovely wall with local events/runs/races/promotions posted on. Guess what caught my eye? Vegan bake sale day!! And the shop was only 6 minutes from where we were, so I asked mr. hubby if we could head over there (after finding out they sell vegan shoes/clothing, too!) and he agreed! I was so excited!

Chocolate Shoebox, you're a real gem. Visit this place if you ever find yourself in Seattle! I don't care much for sweets (Vegan or not) but they even have art and clothing there, and I know you have $24 for a suuuuper cute Vegan shirt! One said "Vegan Chocolate Monster" with a rad-looking monster consuming chocolate on it. Birthday gift? :)

We bought some Mexican Snicker Doodles + a crispy almond cherry cookie (which was immediately inhaled in the car as if we had never seen chocolate before in our life)

They had this posted on their window. This = most incredible movie ever to exist and I'm stoked for it to come to theaters in May! I pray this will open people's eyes to how incredible real food is, and how not-so-incredible food is so unnecessary for our bodies! Yay for an all-vegetable, fruit, whole grain, plant protein way of life.

then I ate carrots, to keep me from eating my hand, while we fixed some molletes for dinner/lunch.

pico de gallo + guacamole
fresh cilantro/serrano chili/green onion/tomato
avocado/fresh lime juice/hubby's salsa

wheat baguette, freshly refried mashed up beans, guac, veg

purple monster for dessert!
purple kale, frozen blueberry/strawberry/blues
wheat germ, flaxseed meal, rolled oats
vanilla, dark cocoa powder, rice milk, water

some serious reading/studying then went down!

notes on dairy

my thoughts on dairy/meat

dessert time! spicy cayenne snicker doodle (tasted like sugar + sugar + cayenne) with coconut + walnuts atop purple monster in a bowl. hubby had his favorite greek yogurt + frozen strawberries/blueberries + rice milk + dates + nut/fruit topping.

it was as delicious as it looks, multiplied by 9 million! the thickness of the smoothie was award winning tonight. I love you, thick smoothie.

Time to clean up this apartment's cabana and get home to finish our movie! Happy weekend, happy Kleenex love, happy lingering cough?

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

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  1. congrats on the 10 miles!!! Thats a huge accomplishment!!! Also, my mom and I are totally going to go see that movie! Maybe we will see you there!