April 7, 2011

Sister Sister: Ravioli Business

Half marathon training, day 3! On the list for today was 8 kilometers, also known as 5 miles, with a little bit of "insanity" post-run (re: jump with hands in air, fall down for mountain climbers, jump, push ups, jump, mntn climbers, jump...etc!) - It kept my heart beat soaring and felt amazing! RUN: 8K - 47:08 (10:00/mile - 8:54min/mile) with my new shoes, and plenty of my new favorite invention: Vaseline! My feet are kind of going through a mini-beat-down, so Vaseline has been the key in making them stop their crying when I'm on the treadmill.

After a successfully pain-free run (thank you, Jesus!) I headed home in the light of the day, which was a pleasant surprise since it's always super dark in the AM. Happily remembering my bowl of green ice cream waiting for me in the fridge, I got ready for the day quickly and packed up a day's worth of snacks + lunch. The kale/spinach monster was a crazy delicious way to start the morn' and it kept my mouth busy as I dove into today's devotional.

That Quinoa Pecan Loaf was incredible! The texture was perfect with the toasted pecans and the cooked asparagus bits, and I loved how soft and fluffy the quinoa was. Definitely making this dish more often, it even drives my hubby mad happy whenever he sees it sitting on the counter, cooling after a nice, long visit in the 350 degree oven. Fantabulous, hands down.

also eaten: apple, orange, carrots, cucumber, kiwi

Once home it was all about: coconut square, pecans, quick dinner, pack up the goods, and head to my sister's house for homeeemadddeee ravioli! I planned on making a batch with tofu ricotta, and the other stuffed with a spinach herb mix. I had never made ravioli before, but my sister, Kristy, has, and thought of it when we made homemade wontons (flatten out dough, fill, wet edges, roll - almost same process of raviolis!). I was excited, to say the least!

I haven't had ravioli in about a year or more, since I never thought to make them from scratch and always associated them with a ricotta filling, which I fell out of love with a few years ago when I had a lasagna fail at my parent's house. So I knew making + consuming ravioli was going to bring back memories, and my taste buds would do a little dance, thanking me.

Recipes from here & here! Aren't blogs wonderful?? I'll post my renditions, and more ravioli business, tomorrow :)

10:41pm on a week night?! I'm out of my mind! Raviolis are time consuming, I guess.

The LORD is my light and my salvation- whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life- of whom shall I be afraid?
Psalm 27:1

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