April 2, 2011

Speedy Saturday

Saturday mornings mean 2 things for us in the Carrillo family: long runs and pizza. We look forward to these two beauties every weekend, and feel the most content in our hearts when we're eating pizza love and watching a good film. This Saturday wasn't any different (or so I thought?), except for a minor detail: co-worker's bday party at 3pm! Not just any birthday bash, but one of a 5 year old, with a Princess and the Frog theme, of course!

So, we ate to fuel our run. We ran like slightly crazy folk. I trusted in technology and it failed on me, so I jotted my time and distance down in old school fashion (on... paper?). We consumed delightful after-the-run goods. We bought a birthday gift fit for a princesa. And we snacked pre-party spinach to hold us over for an afternoon fiesta of food and fun. Then we got our party on.

wheat, almond butter, cinnamon, chia, love.

marathon men get white bread before their long runs :)

chocolate rice milk oats with millet puffs and carob chips for me, second half of sammie for hubster.

13KM (8mi) - 1 hour 14 minutes

25km (15.5mi) - 1 hour 48 minutes


Jamaica (Hibiscus tea), unsweetened = I adore you.

10 points for jicama with the fruit!

chicken (protein), beans (protein), mexi rice (carb)

PS: we got home late, I ate loads of almonds and raisins before some oats in a microwaved bowl, and hubby did enjoy pizza - but it was pizza for one. So this Saturday was far from being just like any other Saturday. But that's what's so fun about life, isn't it? We can plan all we want, but none of it is truly in our hands. I'm okay with that.

I'm found something absolutely beautiful: a new blog! I found her through another lovely gal's blog, and I am in love. Many of her recipes are sweetened with something magical: fruit! Which is my all time favorite. So I definitely hopped on the "sweetened with apples" macaroons tonight. I'm. so. excited!

half apple, cinnamon, oats, rice milk, microwave, coconut + carob chips!

movie: Dirty Harry. increeedible! $4 at Ross, fo' sho!

sleep, like sheep :)


  1. Aw what a fun day!! And those running pics are awesome. The hubby looks like he's literally flying! haha

  2. I don't know where to say this, but I love your ABOUT page! Your love for Christ is so amazing and inspiring! And I'm so glad you discovered a love for running. Isn't it amazing?!