April 6, 2011

Striving + Seeking

"If you sincerely seek God's peace and His blessings, then you must strive to imitate God's Son, Jesus Christ"

It sounds so good, so simple, so basic, so uncomplicated, peaceful, beautiful, wonderful, easy. Yet, it's not for this girl, I stumble daily. Why is it so difficult for me to imitate Christ? Why do I feel like all I do is collapse, give in, lose sight of Him? I wonder how long I will wander around like this, in a state of try-but-never-succeed, where all I do is battle with my hardhearted self.

God is forgiving and understanding. He never fails us, never finds Himself lost, never stumbles, never loses sight of us. He is so good, peaceful, beautiful and wonderful. He lifts us up when we are weak, He guides us when we are lost, He carries our burdens for us, if we ask Him to. So all I need to do is ask, what's stopping me?

My prayer is that I could push through the voice in my head that tells me how hard it is to imitate Christ. That I would simply love, forgive, work hard, remember Jesus and not forget God's Word when challenges hit me. Live a life like Jesus did, and not let anything in this world blind me from Him.


This morning I woke up, on lovely Rest Day Wednesday, and decided to do some easy, low-key yoga with a bit of foam rolling. It felt relaxing and delightful, so I decided to add that to my 1/2 Marathon training schedule (which I will post soon!) for Wednesdays. I then proceeded to eat way more oatmeal than my body needed, and found myself with a slight stomach ache. 10 points for messing up portion control?

Oats on a plate:

steel cut oats, rice milk/water, raisins, ground flaxseed, wheat germ, unsweetened dark cocoa powder, 1 banana, dairy-free carob chips, pecans, almond butter. Chia seed "crust" for an extra vitamin boost and keep-me-full-forever magic powers.

Lunch and Snacks:

fruit loads, gnocchi with tofu and peas, quinoa seeded flat bread, eighteen liters of water! Gnocchi is by far the most fantastic food I have ever read about, printed a recipe on, cooked and consumed. Craaaazy rich and delicious!!

Light Dinner time:

pinto beans with cauliflower, chard stems, tomato, red bell pepper, chili powder + red pepper flakes w/ a spoonful of hubby's salsa atop 2 corn tortillash with lime juice and avocado. then a happy asian side of brussel sprouts, red cabbage, liquid aminos and toasted sesame seeds!

Bipolar Weather:

doesn't get any better than that, especially when some April snow appears!

"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."
Colossians 3:23


  1. I feel your pain, girlfriend! Lately, after going through a few painful months of feeling like I was failing at everything, God spoke to me with one phrase. He said "Do what's expected of you, to the best of your ability; everything else, give it to God." For me, I was applying this to my job and what I do at work. I constantly felt like my work was failing, falling apart, not measuring up, not adequate, was never enough...etc. But God spoke this phrase to me, and I've been repeating it and living by it ever since. There has to come a point where we just surrender to the idea of being/acting/behaving/performing/living perfectly! I think you could apply this idea to your life as well. Yes, God wants us to be Christ-like and live our lives as He would, have the character that He does, the attitude that He had on earth... Regardless, we have to remember that we are mere human! Our sinful nature separates us from God, so we can never be perfect. Nor should we try to be--that's too much pressure! We just have to live in God's grace, by doing what is expected of us, to the best of our ability...and everything that falls through the cracks...Well, that's where God's grace comes in! We give it to him, live in peace (in stead of guilt that we messed up) and move on, trying hard to work to the best of our ability!

    I hope that encourages you. When you're striving for perfection, you'll always be frustrated, because you'll always find something that needs fixing. But when you're striving to do your best for God, you'll be encouraged by the peace that it brings! And you'll be more sane.... haha

    Man, this is something I TOTALLY have been working on. I've realized that I put too much of my self-worth in my work. I feel valuable when I've been successful at work or with my job, and I'll feel like smushed dog poop if I mess up and do something wrong. I've had to get in the Word and read til my brain hurts, because my thinking needs to change!

  2. Oh my gosh, peace is something I've totally been working on, so I hear you!!!