May 6, 2011

Grocery Shopping Madness

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Leaves me without words. The book of 2 Corinthians is so uplifting, inspiring, and motivating. If you ever read any book of the bible - shoot for second Corinthians sometime, it's unbelievably lovely! I love knowing that God is so full of Comfort, the Father of compassion, ready to hold us in His loving arms when we are down. I just want to let go of everything and run to Him, this world simply isn't sufficient and always tends to leave me empty, especially when I forget God's love. I really need to tattoo this verse on my arm or something - I hope it never leaves my mind!

spinach, rice milk, h2o, vanilla
frozen banana + blueberries
wheat germ, ground flax, chia
rolled oats

coconut, chia, sunflower seeds, almonds

crunchy nuggets cereal, kamut puffs, prunes

so incredibly delicious + satisfying!

leftover cocoa coconut chili + slice o' homemade bread
fruits: pear and friends, carrots, hemp banana muffin

dinner on the go, since I had some grocery shopping to do in record time! Spicy purple cabbage + pinto bean "burgers" with a homemade quinoa crust, straight from the freezer to the microwave and tasted like they just came out of the oven! I love me a good freezer to keep food "fresh"!!

Costco: 30 minutes
bananas, bell pepper, avocado, tomato, Greek yogurt
carrots, brussel sprouts, English cucumbers
edamame + frozen strawberries: in freezer

11:45 - clock out for lunch, heat up soup, toast bread, eat bread accidentally before soup is actually warm, walk to truck, turn on truck, sit in parking lot, eat half of soup
12:00 - arrive at Costco parking lot, eat more soup, place soup aside, grab coupons and Costco card, find a cart, move as fast as I can, start to sweat
12:15 - grab as many items that we need as I can think of before pulling out the list on my cell phone, therefore wasting less time, start to sweat even more, pick up the pace
12:30 - arrive at self-scan section, get behind guy who is purchasing only one bag of lettuce, find it odd that people prefer to wait in line for 30 minutes to have someone else scan their Costco goods, start to scan non-food items first, use coupons, sweat even harder, grab receipt, scan food items, realize I am filling up the conveyer belt beyond necessary, feel embarrassed, heart racing, stomach has butterflies, soup is jumping in my tummy
12:40 - arrive at work, realize I bought not one but two huge bags of frozen goods (edamame + strawberries) and there is no room at work for them, realize they might melt, panic a little, decide to deal with it later, pack up fridge-friendly foods into cloth bag, speed walk to work while eating rest of soup
12:45 - check in, just in time, fill up water bottle with ice, dream about the moment I can actually drink it, ask co-workers what they would do with the frozen goods, be told by co-workers about the extra, unoccupied freezer, ask if I can run to the truck for my frozen bags of delightfulness, be told that I can and should, run to truck, run back, throw food in freezer, sit, work.
12:55 - drink ice water, breathe deeply.

Local Grocery Store: 40 minutes
green kale, purple kale, broccoli, green onion
serrano chilis, apples, toasted sesame seeds
tofu x2, spelt pasta, cinnamon sticks + rosemary
zucchinis, summer squash, sweet potato, yam
pineapple from Costco, pasta sauce for

oh my unbelievable! Holy Sparks I made ice cream, for reaaal!

frozen banana, frozen strawberries,
half cup h2o, half cup rice milk, vanilla

coconut, walnuts, sunflower seeds + spoon

Hubby is running a half marathon tomorrow! Go hubby go! The wife, sadly, will be taking a break from running for one whole week with the hopes of the bummer ankle healing 100% - but trust me, I will befriend the elliptical machine like nobody's business the next few days. I will be resting from the act of running, but me + sweat will continue to be the best of friends!

Happy Friday! We made it!

He will rescue the poor when they cry to Him;
he will help the oppressed, who have no one to defend them.
He feels pity for the weak and the needy,
and He will rescue them.
He will redeem them from oppression and violence,
for their lives are precious to Him.
Psalm 72:12-14

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  1. Love your verse in Psalms! The author must have been thinking of runners with sore ankles! Amazing lunch hour+ you had! I want some of your ice cream! Some people use exclamation points too much!