May 7, 2011

His: 5 de Mayo Half Marathon

Happy half-marathon day, runners and fitness-lovers of the world! Okay, it might not be the official, nation-wide half marathon day, but it was for a bunch of North Westerners this morning. Hooray!

We woke a little after 6:00am for a 9:00am race about an hour away from home in Snoqualmie, Washington. Hubby prepped for race day and I took on the before/after run eats for each of us, even though I didn't have a race planned for ye ol' feet. The usual half banana/nut/dried fruit combo for me, and the half marathon runner made himself a mini french bread sammie with homemade fig spread (figs, vanilla, banana, water: boil, then simmer 2 hours or so) and almond butter, with a side of muesli cereal n' rice milk w/half a banana.

Post-race would be Gatorade, gel for during the race (he took it with water around mile 9, felt a slight stomach ache 5 minutes later - which he expected since it's a very processed form of energy/carbs/sodium for his tummy - but the funny feeling left quickly) and I made me some oatmeal with rice milk, water, cinnamon, unsweetened dark cocoa powder, banana, almond butter, chia seeds and sunflower seeds! We both enjoyed an orange and he had another fig/almond butter sandwich between homemade bread.

Race day called for rain, and rain it did! A heavy downpour greeted us, then was followed by a slight sunbreak, more rain, a drizzle, a second downpour...etc. He didn't care, though, and threw his hat towards me at the beginning of the race since he prefers a more natural (nude?) feel.

I have to say (and hubby agrees) in my short running history, these are the best shirts we've ever laid eyes on. 10 points for them, man.

500 half marathon runners today! and loads of 8K folk, minus the broken-ankle (exaggeration) wifey.

aaaand... throw hat onto the ground.


I sat in the truck for about 40 minutes before heading to the finish line to wait and watch for happy, tired, inspiring runners (and eagerly waiting hubby's arrival, of course!) and consumed half of my delicious banana cocoa oats. I tried walking around the track to keep warm, but my foot felt a bit sore and I probably caused some sort of permanent damage while doing so for 30+ minutes.

Soon enough the incredible 8K speedy ones arrived! I didn't catch their exact times but they were under 30 minutes which blows my mind. Goodness, man, how are we built to move that fast? I'm amazed at God's creations! Then the first half marathoner sprinted into the track for a quick lap to the 13.1 mile's finish - busting out a 1 hr 8 minute time, which is about how fast I run 7.5 miles, shoot son! Once he appeared, I felt super anxious for Edu - which is why I started counting each black-colored-bib runner and felt a jolt of butterflies in my tummy which each one.

The first place girl came flying through the last loop incredibly fast, finishing in 1 hour and 19 minutes - she looked amazing! I quickly realized she was the girl that helped Edu (over a year ago) with his knee injury before his first marathon. She works at an awesome running store 'round Green Lake, our favorite long-run training spot, and always asks us how we're doing when we stop by the store. Seriously, I know it's customer service and all, but she's such a lovely person to be around and simply over-all a nice gal. She even cheered Edu on as he sprinted to the finish! Yay for running friends :)

When I saw Edu I started my normal screaming, cheering, among other goofy noises. He looked amazing and was coming in quicker than we both had thought. I feel so proud of my little running man, he's grown so much as a runner since he moved up here 4 years ago.

the sun said hello a few minutes after he crossed the finish line, it was beauuuutiful!

happy hubs :) 5th place in his age category + 21st out of the 500 half marathon dudes/dudettes

Washington is beautiful, just sayin'

Once we got home, I felt kind of bummed out that I had little to no work out today, since Saturdays are usually my killer 10+ milers. So I told hubby to go on with his morning while I pulled out some rad-zolla magazine workouts, which never cease to make me break a hardcore sweat and ask for more. I did each move for 1 minute (superset one + superset one, then onto #2s, #3s, #4s) and repeated the whole sequence without rest 3 times, then switched to some arm weights, extra push ups and 40 seconds plank. It felt amaaazing!

then I got cleaned up and ate half a 'nanner while I microwaved a delightful treat: half a sweet potato with a splash of rice milk + more than just a dash of cinnamon!

tasty and super filling - this snack is definitely going to be repeated in the future!

Then it was time for an appetizer if you will. Edu had to go out and buy himself a piece of meat, and we had yet to cook up a large batch of pinto beans (which he needs with his steak meals, 'cause beans are the light of his tummy's life) so I knew I'd be more than starving if I didn't stuff some vegetables in my mouth. I went with quick veggie wraps with a simple + spicy almond butter sauce [1/2 tsp almond butter, red wine vinegar, toasted sesame seeds, red pepper flakes]

cucumber, carrot, red bell peppah

wonderful. in every spicy way.

Then it was time for some tofu scramble! But of course I got a little crazy and decided to throw some yellow cauliflower in the food processor (for reasons I am unsure of) which I added to a few good pieces of torn up kale and bell pepper (the rest of the pepper that didn't fit in the veg. rolls) and. well. it ended up being a whole lot of food, but I consumed every. single. bite.

1/3 block tofu, paprika, nutritional yeast, salt

oh my goodness. this dish is always paired with corn tortillas, but we sadly found out we only had two left, so I went with some homemade bread from the toaster. It wasn't the same, I'll tell ya, but it was magical nonetheless.

I never take photos of hubby's meals, mainly because we never eat together Mon-Fri (work schedules be wack, yo!) but since he ran like a beastly boy today, I decided to show off his man food, red meat and all.

He was in heaven, 100%.

then movie night fell upon us: The King's Speech and we loved it utterly so, well done, director. Towards the end of the film we decided it was dessert time, so hubs made his usual greek yogurt/frozen fruit/dates/prunes/rice milk blend, and I stuck to the basics of...

apple, 10 lbs of unsweetened, shredded coconut, rice milk

wheat germ, cinnamon, crunchy nugget cereal, homemade fig jam

happy tummy. happy bedtime.

Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. Colossians 4:5-6

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