May 3, 2011

Jump on the Dumb Elliptical

I woke up and I could hardly take two steps without a sharp pain screaming from my foot. I shook it off and got ready for a run on the treadmill, the proceeded to walk four minutes to my apartment's gym. The pain was present and not letting go, my nerves took over and I found myself distracted, only able to focus on the shooting feeling on the top of my foot. Every. other. step. it wouldn't let go. I said a prayer, "this run is in Your hands, Lord, take away this pain, Your will be done, I give you this morning" and set my mind on resting from the treadmill, and instead tackling the elliptical.

I was nervous, and my stubbornness took over as I placed a magazine, small towel and my phone on the treadmill. I was going to try to run. Maybe it'd be like the past few weeks: I can run somewhat pain free and stack some good miles together, but the pain will hit after the workout. That's better than not running at all, right? I lasted less than 2 minutes, then my brain started working, "get on that dumb elliptical machine. now" so my magazine, towel, phone and I migrated westward to the elliptical machine.

warm up: butt kicks, knee taps, straight leg swings. [Elliptical] 20 minutes warm up- average speed. 15 one-minute sprints with one-minute rests - 30 minutes total. 10 minutes rest, stretch, push ups, home. I killed 9 million calories, I sweat bullets upon bullets atop buckets and filled 3 pools. I felt great, but my foot didn't share in the celebrations. The cool down stretch, always simple, only 2 separate moves, 30 seconds each leg, was brutal. If I turned my foot even the slightest bit in the wrong direction, it felt like knives ripped into my skin. Four times, I felt it, four times, I wanted to break into tears, but I pushed through - carefully - and walked home happy.

Home. Chat with hubby before he left for his run. Breakfast. Packed lunch n' snacks. Morning ice session to ye ol' foot. Work. The challenge of walking. Fatigue. Incredible tacos. A brown rice zucchini-cinnamon muffin that, when thrown in the microwave for half a minute, let off the scent of apple pie. Home. 30 second abs. Leftover white bean soup w/quinoa. Cabbage and brussel sprouties. Cooked quinoa stir-fry for the hubby of my dreams. Foot exercises with an exercise band. Ice. Journal. Blog aaaand sleepy head.

steel cut oats, rice milk, water, cinnamon
wheat germ, ground flax, unsweetened coconut
chia + water (chia gel), frozen blues, almond butter
banana, spoon, microwave.

pinto beans, bell pepper, cauliflower
green onion, red pepper flakes, chili powder
corn tortillas, avocado, lime juice joy

white navy beans, rosemary, celery
onion, garlic, salt n' peppah
cooked quinoa, toasted bread "croutons"

brussel sprouts, red cabbage, Liquid Aminos, sesame seeds

Ah, the life of a 22 year old, so simple in so many ways, the future so unknown but completely planned and sitting in God's Holy Hands. What will this life be like in 10 years? Will we be a running, Jesus serving, vegetable-eating family of 12? If only :)

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12

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