May 4, 2011

Slow Motion, Sun, Soup

Sleeping in, if only a smidgen. It felt delightful, refreshing and calm. I didn't want to lie down any longer, I knew that if I would have closed my eyes for simply 5 minutes more I wouldn't want to move. I'd want two more hours. My foot got a day of rest, and it was happy. I replaced my boots' normal inserts with some Super Feet and called it good, hoping for a cure in neon green form.

The morning was relaxing and calm, I did absolutely nothing in a hurry and felt fantastic about it! I even reclined ye ol' foot, with ice attached, on the couch, while I read a bit of God's word and did some writing. If only every morning could be so joyous! Breakfast was oats-on-a-plate, packed lunch was spinach-tempeh-brown rice-love, snacks were fab, the sun shined like crazy beauty, dinner was incredible pinto bean tacos with homemade guacamole, and I got busy in ze kitchen. Hooray for productive Wednesdays!

steel cut oats, rice milk, water, cinnamon
wheat germ, ground flax, chia gel, almond butter
banana, frozen blueberries, crunchy cereal bits

walnuts + a microwave

Eat, Drink & Be Vegan's Cocoa Coconut Chili recipe!

minestrone with rice noodles for hubby

tempeh, tomato, homemade spicy bbq paprika seasoning, quinoa

sweet potatoes, freshly baked (steamed?) and ready for consumption!

eggplant mush: Baba Ghannouj :)

oh snap! how did it become 10:30pm on a Wednesday? Me and my 5:00am workout are officially doomed. Happy almost Thursday!

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  1. Your food always looks SO good!!! I'm jealous! I want some of that coconut chili!