June 22, 2011

Oh, Beautiful Life

Goodness gracious, I am enjoying this Summer so very much! Granted, it's only day two of this wonderful season, and I have no idea what God has planned for the next few months, but I'm excited for what is to come.

has been going well in the past few weeks as I took a break from the daily blogging. I have had a few family members ask about my absence from loveoats.com, and I won't lie, it's making me want to start up again! I really feel like the break has done me good, though. I have picked up my favorite hobby ever: drawing and painting, as well as fabuloso and theraputic journaling in the wee hours of the night. Getting a little more sleep from being away from the computer screen has been lovely, as well. But - break is ovah!

taking in Seattle, and machines that look like giraffes over the water...

U2 concerts blowing us away and leaving us speechless!

U2!! In the naaaame of looooove!

In April, I ran an 8K race shortly after buying new running shoes, that had some used insols placed inside. After the race (and PR yay!) I felt a strange ache in my left ankle and foot. It was bearable for two straight weeks, where I could run fast and long without pain, and then suddenly I could hardly jog half a mile pain-free. I took a week off running, keeping the heart racing with some intervals on the elliptical and weight training, but still could not run fast or far without pain.

going for walks has been the highlight of my days at work. I don't know anything more relaxing, or beautiful, as taking in God's works and fresh air during a break from work. So wonderful!

Now, mid-June, I am the owner of custom insols (wahooo!) Starting from the beginning with running. I am not taking part in the Rock n Roll half marathon on Saturday, but I will be cheering on my hubby and brother-in-law as they race the big 13.1 (bro's first) and 26.2 (my love bug's second!!). God has given me peace through this time, and even though my heart felt heavy when we decided to sell my bib to another hopeful half marathoner, I am so stinkin' stoked to one day dominate them 13 miles! June 2011 just isn't my time.

Since taking a break from running, my 5 days a week of sweat sessions has turned into 5-6 days a week of weight, yoga, intervals and crazy magazine workouts. It has been amazing! I feel so dang strong, more than I ever have, and I love it oh so much. My weeks usually look a bit like this:

• Mon: easy jog, 3 miles, strength training 30 mins, abs in PM
• Tues: intervals on elliptical 30 mins, strength train 30 mins, foam roller + band in PM
• Wed: rest with just abs, or yoga 1 hour and abs
• Thur: intervals elliptical 40 mins, strength training 30 mins, abs or foam roller with band
• Fri: yoga 1 hour and abs
• Sat: easy jog @ Green Lake

I guess push ups and crazy abs make a girl sweat, who knew?! It has felt so good! Dedicating a morning or two a week to yoga is not the easiest task, I have to be honest, especially at 5:00am when my eyes are only half open. But I always feel magically deliiiicioso afterwards. Worth it, fellas!

God has been putting the act of prayer on my heart lately. It's so beautiful how powerful prayer is, and how free we are to talk to the Creator of this world! Whenever work goes over my head, or I have a heavy burden on my heart, something weighing me down and I can't carry it anymore, all I have to do is pray. Give it to Jesus, He can take it off my shoulders and calm my spirit. It's not always easy (even though it should be) to whisper a prayer in the morning, or remember to talk to God about a friend after they tell you how much they're in need, so I found an incredible tool to do it daily! A prayer journal, even if it's just a piece of paper, is so helpful!! Even if I only get through a few of the names, I can start where I stopped the next day. I have even done it on the elliptical, and after 30 minutes I'm only halfway down the list. Prayer changes lives, and brings us closer to our Savior, which we all need more than anything.

Words? Why words? Let's gaze our eyes aaa-this a way:

okay, okay, I'll share:

miso: boil water, whisk in miso, remove from heat, throw in cubed tofu, put some cooked soba noodles (i used whole wheat pasta, don't do that, go for soba - so much bettah!) in a bowl, pour miso/tofu broth atop, top with green onion, fresh cilantro, spinach or watercress, and sea bits if you wish.

fresh n' light mexi salad: dice up all the vegetables in your kitchen and mix in a protein (beans, homecooked or canned, drained, or edamame, or cooked lentils, or meat if that's your treat!), squirt with lime juice, season with fresh cilantro, garnish with avocado bits and throw over toast, rice, quinoa or amaranth. I used: zucchini, tomatoes, summer squash, red bell pepper, serrano chili, edamame, and corn. incredible!

purple kale monster smoothie with steel cut oats: steel cut oats cooked with cinnamon, rice milk, raisins and some almonds. kale beast consisted of red kale, coconut milk, frozen banana, strawberries and blueberries, wheat germ and chia gel with vanilla. pour half oats in bowl, half smoothie, top with fruit n' nuts of yo' choice! feel like a superhero while you eat it, it's full of incredible fruits to make your energy go wild aaaand it tastes like icecream.

cheezy cauliflower crumble w/mexi toss: grab half a head of cauliflower, washed and thick stems removed, throw it in your food processor and pulse it don't process it or it will become mush! once it looks like rice, place it in a bowl and toss it with chili powder and nutritional yeast (+ paprika, other seasonings that you fancy) and top with your choice of veg, serve with a protein and a grain (beanies and cooked amaranth were on the side o' mine!)

simple veg n' corn bread: embarrassingly lazy, I must say. you know that corn bread you made a few weeks ago, and threw in the freezer? grab that, plate it. you know those beans your pureed and cooked with some serrano chilis? spoon a few glops onto ye plate, next to the frozen cornbreads. oh, vegetables? cauliflower, green beans, peas, red pepper flakes, drops of water, salt, microwave. plate to perfection and consume. Really, food is so simple! Just do it, leftovers.

Oh, ART!
Whew. Life update? Wasn't planning on that, but I hope you all enjoyed that mini-novel.. :) Happy Wednesday, we're halfway through the weeeek, I'm squeeeling with excitement! Marathon weekend is so close!


  1. YAY! I'm glad you're back! i've missed you!!

  2. Your art is AMAZING! God sure has blessed you with some incredible talent! I also find lots of comfort in drawing and painting, it's so relaxing and I feel like I can really be at peace. :)
    That U2 concert looks like it was super fun!!

  3. Hey girlie! Omigosh it sounds like you're doing AMAZING, and I'm so happy to hear it :D I totally agree with you on the strength training... I used to be way more into cardio/running, and then I got injured and had to start looking to different ways to get my sweat on, and I just fell in love with lifting... you're absolutely right that feeling strong is one of the best things :D

    It really sounds like God is looking out for you and guiding you down the right path. Love you girlie!