July 3, 2011

How Many Servings a Day?

I've heard 3 fruits and 5 vegetables. daily.
I've heard 4 fruits and unlimited veggies. daily.
I've heard eat what you want, when you want. daily.

I have a confession to make. I just ate a third banana today, as well as my 8th strawberry, my 2nd handful of frozen blueberries, the second part of an 11oz container of coconut water, probably my 17th serving of nuts + nut butters, and I am a happy, very happy, camper. Oh and we spent about 35 hours at IKEA, which I don't mind even a wee-bit! Happy Sunday!

  1. Breakfast: 1 frozen banana, 4 frozen strawberries, 1 handful frozen blueberries, 4oz coconut water, 1 tsp vanilla, 1/2 cup rolled oats, 2.5 handfuls spinach, toppings: raisins, almonds, chia seeds, black grapes, kamut puffs
  2. Main Course: whole grain, seed-packed baguette, homemade refried pinto beans, avocado mashed with lime juice and serrano chili, pico de gallo made from tomatoes, green onion, serrano chili and fresh cilantro
  3. Snack: banana and cocoa banana cookie, unpictured apple and almond butter that hubby and I split so we'd have loads of room for a huge dessert
  4. Sweetie: 1 frozen banana, 4 frozen strawberries, 1 handful frozen blueberries, 4oz coconut water, unpictured toppings consisting of kamut puffs, muesli, raisins and walnuts
Goodness me. I believe it's time for catching up on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and The Doctors, don't you agree? Happy 3 day weekend. Happy pretending tomorrow is 2nd Sunday!!

Do not let mercy and truth leave you.

Fasten them around your neck.
Write them on the tablet of your heart.
Proverbs 3:3


  1. Lol you definitely sound like me :) I eat boat loads of fruit...daily. Still shove my veggies in, of course, but fruit definitely triumphs. Also, speaking of coconut water. HAVE YOU TRIED THE CHOCOLATE COCONUT WATER? It tastes like chocolate milk! For real! So dang yummy!

  2. I eat SO much fruit in the summertime, all of the colorful berries ar just too tasty to pass up haha :) That breakfast looks so delicious!!

  3. Ikea is the BEST! Almost all our decor and furniture is from there :)

    Ive never tried coconut water since Im a cheapo and not down to pay that much money, but Ive heard its pretty addicting! As for servings of fruit in the summer? I say limitless!!

  4. Those daily serving recommendations drive me crazy. Lately I've been completely obsessed with fruit, and go through it like no one's business. Whole cantaloupes, pounds of berries, multiple bananas, and we're not even going to get in to my salad beasts and random veggie munching. I say if you crave it and it makes you feel good, then do it :D

    Happy 4th, girlie <3

  5. hahah I usually eat WAY more than the "recommended" servings of fruit and veggies. I just love loading up on produce!! Especially because I'm such a snacker!