July 30, 2011

Oh, July.

I wrote this on July 30th, with every intention to post it the very second we had internet. But, alas, 'tis life. Today is August 5th. I blame it on the boxes. Busy, busy bees... Time to play catch up!

"It's a pretty amazing morning when, for a minute, you go into a panic realizing that you no longer have access to a cardio machine, only to remember the fact that you own a jump rope, and two hands to hold the ends of it, so you will in fact never need an elliptical machine or a treadmill ever again. In your entire life.

I had the best, most challenging workout of my life in the quietness of my garage on Monday. Sweat was dripping onto the cold floor, my iPod earphones were sliding out of my inner ears, heart pumping more than it does during intervals at the track. It was pure madness, but pure bliss all at the same time. 12 reps each move, each side, with 1 minute jumping between each set. Foam roller to top it off, abs and exercise band used as a warm up. 50 minutes. Good morning, Monday.

Tuesday ye hubby and I did something for the first time ever. We woke up at the same time. We got our running gear on, including Garmin watches. We hopped into his car. We drove for a whole 6 minutes. We found ourselves at my high school. It's been 5 years since I had walked the sidewalks of that beauty, and almost an entire year since I had run on the track. We jogged together, for one lap, then he bolted. I continued to trot. 12 laps, over 3 miles, 30 minutes, 45 seconds. It's been a long, very long, while since my shoes have touched the track, and I missed it so. Nothing compares to the simplicity of it all, or the peace that a runner finds at 5:30am on the loops.

Wednesday: yoga in the living room, abs and foam roller in the bedroom. It was calm and woke me up real good, which is all I hope for in a Wednesday mini-workout.
Thursday: jump rope + weight session on the menu. What really went down? Strength training (weights) and a broken jump rope after only 2 minutes of speed jumping. I may have panicked again, standing in my garage at 5:10am with a jump rope that only had one handle attached to it. But I quickly ran upstairs to snatch a little fitness-life-saver called my notebook of magazine workouts. Cardio, cardio, that was all I needed. The winner? KICK BOXING!

I looked a bit like a dufus, since I had never done any form of martial arts before, and my form was far from perfect. I did break a good sweat, though, and I felt a little bit like a professional boxer. Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby? Yeah, that's where I'm headed. Or at least that's where I daydreamed I was headed, and I maybe sorta imagined I was in the movie, for a little motivation. It worked. I was beaming with boxing joy 40 minutes later. And I ate like a mad woman, because professional boxers need their calories. Need lots of calories. More oatmeal, more almond butter, more shredded coconut, more blueberries, one and a half bananas - you know.

Friday included a full hour of yoga, after waking up a little late and maybe feeling guilty about it (gosh - being human is hard) and btw: yoga on a mat on a hardwood floor = uncomfortable. Standing poses were lovely, but anything on my back or even sitting was painful! I need myself a sleeping bag under that there yoga mat, I s'pose.

So that was last Monday thru Friday, today is Saturday, and I (we) hope to have real internets by Tuesday. We'll see! Happy August!"

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