July 8, 2011

One Complete Hour

of yoga. once a week. will change your body in unfathomable ways.

a healthy, happy serving of steel cut oats with cocoa powder and rice milk, blueberries and raisins, almond butter and wheat germ, could quite possibly have those same unfathomable, magical powers as an hour of yoga does.

toast. is also a very, very good choice - go head, try to make it last for a full hour. impossible. (but eating it more than once a week is highly recommended) and I believe, when paired with more beans, veggies, avocado and lime juice, it can also change your body in mad, delicious ways.

oh, and salmon? well. it's just dang good, no real need to go into details. but that pasta sauce? shoot, son! take one tomato with a splash of water and some red pepper flakes as well as italian seasoning and maybe a dash of salt plus a microwave and you got yourself some incredibly delicious sauce in just seconds! (or a few minutes...) I was blown away. at myself?
Happy weekend, everyone! My papa's birthday celebration is this weekend and all I am thinking about is marinating my very first veggie kebabs and cooking a brown rice for more than 2 people. It's a big deal.

With a strong hand,
and with a stretched out arm:
for His mercy
endures forever.
Psalm 136:12

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