July 4, 2011

Staying Sane (and Breaking a Sweat) in the Kitchen

Happy 4th o' July!

Today was a pretty wonderful day off, I must say. I got an incredible AM workout in before we even left the house for a run, I enjoyed a jog at our favorite lake with my hubby, ate a sandwich n' some fruit, I read a rad magazine, iced my KNEE, I drew some faces, enjoyed a heaven on this earthhh sweet potato w/almond butter, cinnamon, and a cookie, made some pizza in record time, ate 400 pieces of it, watched a movie with my love bug, and cooked like a mad woman.


I like planning ahead. I enjoy a stress-free evening after work. I love having a meal ready, without having to lift a finger, turn on a burner, or crack up the oven to 375F. I jump for joy when my fridge is full of filled tupperware. I smile with my empty glass jar in hand, after using up the last of the pasta sauce or almond butter. Organization. Preparation. Let's do this.

Sundays: I cook a big pot of steel cut oats to feed us for the entire week, as well as all the other grains + beans. Quinoa, rice, wheat berries, pinto beans and sometimes garbanzos. They are then stored in tupperware, in the fridge, saving me loads of time throughout the week when it comes to prepping for dinner or lunch.

Lunches: Are also made Sunday night, but only lunch's sidekicks = the snacks. Carrots, cucumber, celery stalks, washed grapes, cut kiwi and the like. These are paired with an almond butter/fig jam sammie for hubby, as well as a peeled orange (so he can grab and go - no slicing or peeling at work needed). I almost always put together 2 days worth of these lunches, so I don't have to stand in the kitchen every. single. evening doing the same ol' thang.

Dinners: Are brainstormed on Sunday evenings, with pen and paper in hand, as well as a high stack of recipe books, print outs, and ideas from ye' ol' mind. I like to have a game-plan set for the week, to avoid starvation/eating everything in sight when my brain fries after work and I can't think of anything to cook. I then like to prepare at least 2 dinners for hubby and I, because we eat at different times of the day 'cause of work, and, again, I won't have to work in the kitchen nightly. It's lovely.

little rule: always make 2, of everything, so tomorrow's lunch and the next day's dinner are done at the same time! this shall keep you sane, calm, relaxed.

Gettin' it Done: Today was something new, and something terrific. Since Summer is officially here and our oven tends to heat up the entire house for hours at a time, I am taking a new approach to the warm season. It is called: make as many meals as possible in one single evening, using the stove/oven or not, but keep them in the theme of "we can be eaten cold 'cause we're kind of salads" so you won't be forced to re-heat them the next day and sweat as you eat them oh and you won't have to stand over a hot stove 7x a week. It looks promising.

Oh goodness. The dishes above, clockwise, are as follows: Carrot Raisin Wheat Berry Salad, Brown Rice Tofu Stir-Fry, Spicy Rainbow Rice and Bean Salad, Quinoa stir fry, more carrot n raisin salad, more spicy rainbow rice n' bean salad. whew! Makes me hungry like mad, man. I think it's dessert time :)

Happy almost... Friday?

Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice; let the sea roar, and all that fills it; let the field exult, and everything in it. Then shall all the trees of the forest sing for joy.
Psalm 96:11-12


  1. Oh that's one of my favorite verses from Psalm! :) All of these treats look so good, I'm loving all the colors!

  2. That work out looks good!!!

    Your eats always look so creative and fun! I've basically been eating the same boring things every day! You're an inspiration!

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