August 29, 2011

The Dinosaur Story


One day a few weeks back, I was asked if I'd be willing to paint a dinosaur or two for a dino-themed party. I had hardly responded before my imagination began working overtime on what the dinosaurs would look like, how big they'd be, where I'd find the reference pictures and how I'd bring them to work once they were done. It was Friday.

Saturday we went to Ikea and conveniently purchased about 850 large items, leaving us with just as many cardboard boxes that I would need to paint life-size (for preschoolers) dinosaurs. It was meant to be, me and those there dinos, in the garage together night after night following scrumptious dinners, with Pandora music and a happy belly.

Sunday I did nothing dinosaur related. Monday I pondered. Tuesday I stared blankly at the walls, contemplated life a bit. And Wednesday I got to work. I had 2 nights to finish and I hadn't even found the reference pictures. Time to get down and dirty, and beat myself up a bit for waiting 'till Wednesday to start this thang.

Google, google, more google. Take picture of that dinosaur, examine the other one, wonder what their names are, stop caring so much what their names are. Grab a pencil and sketch away. I decided to paint three of them, and their size was based only on the size of the Ikea boxes. It went quickly and smoothly, with enough time to spare for a few mini sing-off competitions between myself and Pandora radio.

I attempted to take progress pictures, but the lighting changed about 17 times, so crooked photos is all I've got. Traveling with them was fun, they lied down very nicely in the back of my dad's truck and were very well behaved. And although I may have painted on their eyes thicker than thick, and our garage is so cold it didn't even think of drying out in time, once I handed them over to a sweet 5 year old - they was dry as can be.

Long Neck!
And shoot. The smile on that girl! Makes me want to paint everyone a bunch of large animals on cardboard boxes. Real good feelin' sacrificing a few free, lazy evenings for an art project like that one. I'd do it all again tomorrow if someone asked me to!

They were very, very well behaved travelers, too.

And made a mess of their painter, but I forgave them.



  1. Dude, Nichole!!! Those are amazing! You did a fantastic job! I love them!! Someday when we have a baby, I'll hire you to paint a large, cute, quirky, whimsical owl for the nursery!!! Oh yes, I already have plans. It's going to be a girl. And the owl will be pink. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, those are SO cool!!! Nice work!