August 8, 2011

Let's MOVE!

I had never seen so many cardboard boxes, never hoarded each one that arrived at work, never had I longed so much for an unlimited supply of packing tape, or for less CDs, movies and books. Never had my husband and I willingly gone to the gym for over an hour, only to be greeted with a 2+ hour move, where each muscle in our body was being pushed to its limit, where sweat re-introduced itself to our backs.

And never had we seen such selflessness and unconditional love from incredible family members, ready and willing to lift each box with us, pack each toiletry and empty each room of our apartment for us. They would have woken up with us at 7am, and crawled into bed at 11:30pm, if only we had let them. My mom and dad are such a huge blessing, and this move would have been a lot more stressful and tedious if it weren't for their help. The Big Move was a big one, but a quick one, although we've been living in our home for two weeks and I feel like it's still not completely put together... but, the move, ohhh delightful move: dare I say... effortless.

IKEA makes their furniture real well, and makes it really easy for their fans to put together such furniture. But disassembling those contraptions? "Utter bliss" would not be how I'd describe that verb. Time consuming, a little test of patience, the opposite of a stroll in the park.. would be much, much more appropriate.

The up-side of seeing every book, CD, and movie you own: realizing how much of it could be given away, and doing just that. Goodbye books from college! Goodbye CDs I haven't listened to since I was a pre-teen, hello clutter-free future shelving unit.

I fancied the kitchen part of it all, only because I could finally (and maybe, just maybe for the first time ever) clean the spot under our microwave. Oh how the color of counter tops can change, oh how sweet the sight of empty cabinets, freshly wipes with Lysol's lemony goodness. Oh how strange it felt to pack bananas in a box.

happy movers and incredible helpers!

We got a U-Haul for a fancy penny (aka: cheap, hooray!) and all of our apartment's insides hardly filled half of the dang thing. It felt kind of good, knowing how little we had collected in almost 3 years of marriage. And we were reminded, by my mom and dad, how incredibly lucky we are that we are doing the big move sans little ones. I can't imagine being pregnant, with infant, toddler, preschooler, elementary child, or teen during this whole process. And to think: my parents did this with four of us! Superheros. No other way to put it, God gave them so much strength!

If you were riding a U-Haul filled with everything you own, which were completely capable of bumping or sliding with every turn, or falling to the back of the truck, or smashing into the door and costing you more money than your first month's mortgage to replace, you'd be nervously smiling, too.

A husband, a home, a ray of sunshine.
Life is sweet, and simple.

We then decided it was time to fill out tummy's with what they deserved: Mexican food. And my tummy was calling for the best creations ever given to us: beans, rice, guacamole, salsa and vegetables. It felt so wonderful to sit after hours of moving, and chat with the folks about life! I'll admit, though, it was hard to keep my mind distracted from the fact that we had an empty house waiting for us, with all of our belongings chilling in the tandem garage. OCD? Just a smidgen (or two).

Eat that ever day of my life? Happily!

And then we said our goodbyes, cleaned up the apartment (okay, okay, this all happened a week after the move, I won't lie) and handed over the keys. Bittersweet. This apartment was such an incredible first home to us, it felt like our own house where we were safe, surrounded by lovely neighbors and were under the greatest management I could have ever prayed for. We miss this apartment so much (especially the part where we can clean it top to bottom in under 40 minute) but are so thankful for what God has placed in our lives! New chapter? Okay, I'll take it.

Our apartment's view from the bedroom window + living room. It was so amazing over the years, and I'm pretty positive God gave us that last sunset as a happy goodbye. It was perfect!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.
James 1:17


  1. "God gave us that last sunset as a happy goodbye." What a beautiful way to look at it! :) Best of luck on the move!

  2. Aww, I remember when we moved out of our first apartment. We weren't really sad, though, haha! It held lots of great memories from our first 11 months of married life, but we were happy to be away from 400 square feet with pink cinderblock walls (on campus housing at the grad school I attended). ;) Anyway, so glad you are all moved in, girl! Can't wait to see pictures once you have things set up. :)