September 17, 2011

Falling for Salads

No, not just any salad. Not iceberg and ranch with shredded carrots. I mean. Killer, we-be-so-full-of-amazing-nutrients-you-can-hardly-believe-how-delicious-we-taste salads. They're beasts. They're wonderful. I've only made two, and I am hooked.

oh greens.
I have never been a salad girl, unless you count iceberg lettuce with shredded carrot bits swimming in half a gallon of Hidden Valley ranch or covered in mayonnaise-drenched tuna, but just enough mayo tuna to hide ever bit of green. Which, in my book, does not count - not even in the slightest!

Once I started to clean up my eating habits, I ate one salad and one only: romaine or spinach, red wine vinegar, olive oil, croutons, bacon bits and Parmesan cheese. It was delicious, but I needed the cheese, bacon bits and the croutons if you wanted to see me take a bite.

But one joyous day in March 2010, I was lucky enough to quickly stumble upon Green Monster Smoothies. Spinach and frozen fruit in a blender? But why? Why, you ask? Because you get to eat your greens and ice cream at the same time! It was perfect, everything I needed. I also tried it with kale and beet greens - both successful and tasty. I was happy as a peach. And I still am to this day, just give me a blender.
But, a salad? You mean a bowl of greens with... Vegetables on them? ...Will there be ranch involved? Croutons? I need both, or so I thought. Recently my family had a get-together at my uncles house, and they were to supply the meat while everyone was invited to bring a side. I had to do something fruity and sweet, I thought, but I also want to bring some healthy greens. I Youtubed: massaged kale salad. It was all I could think of after the Woman's Cook Off our church put together last Spring. A gal had created the most vibrant massaged kale salad with mango bits and a light vinegar/oil dressing. It was set.

Only, I'm hanging out North of Seattle, Washington, wondering: where the blast am I going to find fresh, ripe, super sweet and decadent mango 'round here? Too hard. Too much time. Must change the plan. Google brought me to a couple of recipes, I printed four and messed around with the ingredients based on what I had in my kitchen. The end result? Oh goodness. Oh yes. Oh, it was a life-changer.

Massaged Kale Salad with apple bits, sunflower seeds, raisins and an apple cider vinegar dressing. Divine. Round two was only a few days later: massaged kale salad with tomato, red cabbage and a miso, sesame oil dressing. Oooh incredible!!
Anyway. In the end I have officially decided to incorporate large amounts of salads in my future. Right now, the only green I really want to have fun with is kale. It's texture is just too good to pass up, and the possibilities of dressings/toppings are endless! So, go on, don't be shy, massage yourself some kale in the PM, and smile from ear to ear.

Eat plants.
Eat these recipes (Massage Kale + Apples) (Massaged Kale + Miso Dressing).

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