September 14, 2011

Mt. Rainier Adventures

You are my hiding place;
You will protect me from trouble

and surround me with songs of deliverance.
Psalm 32:7

I am so thankful for God's protection, the refuge I have in Him when I need to run away from the world. Whenever life is too much for us to handle, He reaches out to us and asks us to grab His hand. His love for us is powerful and deep, Jesus is always near, taking care of us, no matter how much we stray. I love always having someone to go to when I simply can't take another step. Knowing Christ as Savior and Lord is the the only way I'm able to get by in this life! Amen.

Two weekends ago, on good ol' Labor Day, we took our third trip to Mt.Rainier for a hike, photoshoot, and a great run. And by golly, it was such a blessing We ate ourselves some muesli before we left the casa, and I packed up some rad snacks to fuel us up after ye' hike in a baby-sized red cooler. Then it was a whole lotta driving and taking it incredible views!

and just a couple hours later, we gone n' found ourselves at the start of the hike. Ready to sweat? To jump over roots, rocks, to dodge families, couples, walking sticks, to snap photos, gaze a waterfalls, trip a few times, almost twist your ankle twice, eat a bug or four? Let's do this!

I tried, with all I had in me, to run the whole way. But this girl and her legs were just not made for hills, I tell you. I was only able to run up half of each upward slope before stopping to walk. My heart pounded, I was winded. It just didn't work as I had imagined. Yet, I must say, the entire walk-run-sprint-jump was an incredible one!

The heat took over not too long after we arrived, which made us even more sweat-covered and joyous. This also made me more tired, and the hubby more stoked to run intervals (yo' crazy, son!), which didn't last too long because of all the tree roots making the trail bumpy and dangerous. We planned on eating lunch at the lake, but 7 bug bites later, we decided to eat in the truck.

It was... wonderful, really, stinking, wonderful. Next year? We're going to the top of that beast. Even when it's covered in snow the first week of September! And by the top, I really just mean we'll pretend we're at the top when really we'll go just as far as we did that weekend. Yay!

uh mazing. Go to Rainier!

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