September 4, 2011


September 4th came and went. I wrote. I saved. But I never published this guy. Here's to being two weeks behind, but not seeing it as behind at all, but yet... enjoying life!

oh, hello, week of food, you are so beaaauutiiiifuuuul. I forgot to snap photos of some of your friends throughout the day, but you are still so beaaauuutiiiifuuuul. I have decided to give you guys a post, all to yourself, with nothing else taking spotlight, all you, munchy delightful creations. So shine bright, lunches, dinners, breakfasts and in-betweens, because this one is for you.

Link1) Tempeh Tamale Pie [try me] [with this topping, only with more cornmeal!]
2) Lentil Loaf with Tomato Topping [copy this]
3) Oatmeal Blueberry Chia bowl [speaks for itself]
4) Lazy Day Beans n' Bread [um. yes.]
5) Quinoa Lentil Curry [simply wonderful, just add quinoa]
5) Liquid Oatmeal [sounds delicious?!]
6) Lentil Loaf + Broccoli Love [re: leftovers]


PS! It's official. After almost three years of glorious marriage, we purchased our very first watermelon! and we sliced it! and we consumed the entire thing, but it took us about 5 days! which is probably a long time, since watermelon is so heavenly good, and should never sit in your fridge for more than 6 hours since it's so dang delicious and sweet and tempting, but we made it last. I think we deserve a gold medal.

more, please. thanks.

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