October 8, 2011


Question of the day: If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

I've been reading a lot about raw vegan diets, fruitarians and the like. It all fascinates me, but I am truly happy with how I eat now and don't see a need to change it. Fruitarians like Michael Arnstein are definitely inspiring, though. It seems as though all I want to do is sit down to a breakfast of 5 mangos at times, but living in the North West isn't the best way to find fresh, seasonal mangos. So I'm content with my strawberry, blueberry, banana smoothies each morning.

Although, after watching a few videos of raw, vegan recipes, I did get an itch for sprouting grains and legumes the other week. I was excited about maybe finding a good way to eat amaranth, which we have had bags of for months and have yet to find any great recipes for. That protein-powerhouse grain and garbanzos were the first guys I sprouted. I followed the instructions on The Spout People website, and it worked perfectly! 

Soak overnight (1 part grain/bean 3 parts water) rinse very well, drain, place in jar, cover with cheese clothe, lie jar on its side for a day, repeat the rinse/drain for a few days until little 1/4 inch tails appear!

Unfortunately, the sprouted garbanzos by themselves tasted awful, but I could imagine some seasonings could easily fix that and they'd taste amazing. However, I decided to look up some sprouted garbanzo recipes that were a little different than the basic guys. And what did I end up with? Garbanzo pancakes

1) throw sprouted garbanzos in food processor
2) add water, oil, dash of salt
3) proceed to make thick pancakes
4) top with fruit, enjoy thoroughly.

DELISH! Really, honestly, truly delicious. The amaranth scared me, though, because I seemed to have over sprouted it and it ended up looking pretty threatening. I tossed it. I felt bad. I will try, try again like we all ought to. 

In the end, I think I will give sprouting a second chance. I hope to try with pinto beans, lentils, and maybe barley! I'm excited and I love trying all these new things. Here's to a future of sprouted breads, cereals, salads, and more garbanzo pancakes. Now go sprout yo' self, it's fun and fills your heart with temporary joy. For full, satisfying joy? Look to Jesus, He's the only supply of that kind o' joy.

Happy October!

Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart. Rejoice in the LORD, you who are righteous, and praise his holy name.  
Psalm 97:11-12


  1. I honestly have never even heard of sprouting beans! How cool you tried it. I hope it goes great next time!

  2. hey pretty! hadn't read your blog in forever but that picture you put on my facebook made me think of blogs. hi! i love how passionate you are about food! from a former fruititarian, can i make a suggestion? be careful if you think about experimenting. it's not a sustainable way to live, and you will lose all your muscles. plus, your food is so prety now!!!