January 15, 2012

Week 5: Appleseed Baby

I waited for my basal temp to be high for 18 days before taking the first pregnancy test. We were in Mexico visiting Edu’s parents, and I had a feeling I was pregnant – based on my temp alone. I didn’t have any symptoms, except for sleepiness. I blamed the fatigue on the high elevation in Mexico City. I also broke out like crazy and found my face covered in acne like a teenager. I felt like 92-year-old tired woman and a 13-year-old struggling with acne. Anyhow, Thursday, January 12th I took my first pregnancy test at 3:30AM during my first morning pee. The $12 test told me to wait 3 minutes for the results  - and the 2 lines confirming pregnancy appeared in less than 3 seconds. We're pregnant!

Waiting on the baby bump, of course!
Once the family heard the news, we found ourselves with these adorable gifts! Yes, we got tears in our eyes.

  •  Sleeping at 8:00PM seems like a GREAT IDEA 
  •  Digestive discomfort (gas and..the other thing.. for 10 days straight) 
  •   Tummy shrunk, can only eat small portions
  • Exercised easy at first, then it got more difficult within 5 days
  • Lettuce, greens, make me nauseated 
  •  Ice cold water & bananas take away nausea
  • A few light headaches and dizziness\
  •  Depression, anxiety
  • Sensitive and sad
  • Unexplained laziness, man!
5 weeks pregnant!
BABY is the size of an appleseed (based on my ultrasound taken at week 9). How sweet!

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  1. I found out on January 12th too!!! AHHHH!