January 22, 2012

Week 6.5: Sweet Pea Baby

6 weeks pregnant.
baby is the size of a sweet pea (still, since I blogged yesterday, crazy woman!).

Today baby let me eat KALE! Thank you, baby! Although, I did have to stop myself from gagging upon taking the first bites. Silly baby.

•    Sweet tooth baby: giant chocolate smoothie, then spoonfuls of uncooked coconut granols cookie batter. Then a stomach ache. Worth it!
•    Queasy baby: very distracting during church, Costco trips, drive to Costco, drive home
•    Mexican baby: wanted NEEDED black beans, pico de gallo and homemade corn tortilla chips for lunch immediately upon arriving from Costco.
•    Full baby: then I was incapable of moving because I was so full and the Serrano chili pepper set my mouth on fire, making me feel thirsty, but unable to quench my thirst because of the “I’m too full to move” issue.
•    Cookie baby: the “too full” thing magically left my mind during the coconut granola cookies’ photo shoot. I ate one. Delicious.
•    Chef baby: I was able to cook for 8,000 hours in one night
•    Ice, Ice, Baby: I was very nauseated all day, but found that sipping cold water took it away. Then I recalled hearing about woman and crazy pregnancy cravings and one of those being ice chewers so I filled my smoothie jar (34oz) with large ice cubes and sucked on them during my “chef baby” cooking afternoon. And it was delicious! Not only that, but after about an hour, the nausea vanished! Praise GOD!
•    YES BABY: happy baby then let me cook 1 loaf of sandwich bread, 1 loaf of rosemary bread, 2 pizza doughs, everything else, watch Lord of the rings. 8:14 I want to sleep so bad!

Thank you, ice miracle.


The end!

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