January 30, 2012

Week 7: Blueberry Baby

Week 7
Baby is the size of a blueberry!

where the baby at, yo?!
Week 7 will be in bulletins, if that’s okay with you.

•    Baby makes it hard to cook dinner. Foods and meals that I love make me sick to my stomach
•    I have to space my meals apart throughout the work day based on my appetite (which is usually non-existent)
•    I’m able to exercise in the AM. Only different is that I’m scared to sweat too much/push too hard since I’m not sure if it will hurt the baby.
•    Baby makes my muscles ache even after low-intensity exercise
•    Baby made me think I could eat non-stop all day… but this makes my body tired, sluggish, and bloated (woohoo!)
•    Baby likes carbs (oats) in the morning, spinach cocoa smoothie at about 10am and fruit/2 bites of lunch at noon, then a little “lunch” until 5am. I’ve had black beans, guacamole, pico de gallo and tortilla/bread every evening for 3 days. Enjoy it so much so!!
•    Sensitive *boobies* in the shower for the past 2 days! This is beand new- I thought it was mooost definitely a myth from crazy pregnant people. But no, it seems to be very real.
•    Baby doesn’t like the thought, sight or smell of many foods, but usually mommy can eat them and baby does okay.
•    CRAVINGS: grilled cheese, XXX Root Beer Burgers (the ones that are the size of a basketball), Subway, bread, pickles, veggies in baguette, cheerios and other bland cereals, as well as toast. But the only one I actually gave into is pickles. But for just two of these tiny pickles it’s already 250mg sodium! Oh to make my own pickles. Anyhow…

lentil burgers, beans, frozen veggies cooked in ye' microwave, salad from work
a million MG of sodium seitan loaf from a co-worker. I definitely squeezed the fella under ice water before cooking, not worth 500mg sodium/serving, my friends!
roasted veg, salad, unsweetened ketchup babes
I cooked mole verde from scratch! So happy! Hubby ate it with chicken, I ate it like soup with tortillas. Aaand yes, that's Mexican rice, too. I felt like a gem that night.
I wish I were 8 months pregnant and looked as lovely as her, and that lifting 5lb weights was more of a challenge. But I'm taking this one day at a time, it makes me nervous to push too hard!

the end!

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